A Beautiful, Ordinary Kind Of Day

Saturday, February 6

DSC_7796I love the quietness and beauty of a mid-winter Saturday.

DSC_7798As we went on our daily drive to Landis Homes to see Cerwin’s mother, we noticed an Amish farmer spreading manure.

DSC_7801I may be a bit strange, but I enjoy the beauty of naked trees in midwinter.


The artist P. Buckley Moss is responsible for that – for creating in me an appreciation for bare trees.



I wish you a few beautiful, ordinary kind of days this winter.

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful, Ordinary Kind Of Day

  1. Today was an ordinary day here — warm, some clouds, no rain, not much breeze! I’m glad you have some days like that to enjoy too! I love the second shot — a glimpse into life in Amish country, or into life in the past!

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