Update On Cerwin’s Mother

Mother High seems to be getting weaker by the day. Today Cerwin asked if she is dreaming about Heaven these days. Her voice is now very weak, so we leaned in close to hear her say, “A lot.”

He asked if she can describe Heaven. She said, “It’s difficult to describe, but it’s BEAUTIFUL.”

We try to tell her about things we are doing, which gets difficult because we visit every day. Today I told her that we will be labeling and mailing “The Highway News” tomorrow. About five minutes later she asked, “When are you mailing The Highway News?” I said, “Tomorrow.” Then I asked if she remembers when she helped us?” She replied, “Yes. I enjoyed that.”

I asked if she is comfortable. She said, “Sort of.” I asked, “Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?” She replied, “Water.” Today I gave it to her on one of those sponges on a stick – for the first time. There has been a package of them on the counter for the past week, but I have been putting off using them. Today she had trouble drinking from a cup – or using the straw.

We are treasuring every moment – and crying a lot – as we think about the need to say goodbye to her in the near future. We have said goodbye to both of my parents and Cerwin’s dad, so we know the routine – but it is never the same – and you never know when you are hearing their voice for the last time. A time will probably come when we talk – knowing that she is hearing us – but she will not have the strength to talk to us.

Cerwin’s oldest sister, Velda, is doing a great job of keeping us up-to-date with what the doctors and nurses are doing and saying. Cerwin talks to at least one of his siblings every day as we update each other on our daily visits. His sister Doris and her family live in Minnesota, so we also try to keep them updated – which is one of the reasons I write these posts. We also know there are other family members who are praying and concerned about her.

Keep her and us in your prayers. Today when we arrived a nurse was sitting with her. Just sitting there. The nursing staff is fabulous and incredibly caring. They love her too. We couldn’t ask for a better medical staff.

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  1. How wonderful that she has such loving and committed caregivers. Blessings to you and your family in the coming days. Prayers being lifted on your behalf — may you feel His loving presence.

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