Ladies Fellowship – Day of Refreshment – Part 2 of 2

Saturday, January 30

White Oak Church of the Brethren

Ladies Fellowship (35)Arrival time and refreshments – 9:15 to 9:45 AM

Ladies Fellowship (36)

Ladies Fellowship (37)

Ladies Fellowship (38)Congregational singing – 9:45 to 10:15

Ladies Fellowship (39)Our excellent song leader was Linnea.

Ladies Fellowship (40)Cerwin helped me with PowerPoint setup and took the congregational pictures.

Ladies Fellowship (41)Bev gave the welcome and schedule for the day.

Ladies Fellowship (42)I introduced the panel of ladies who each spoke for about fifteen minutes on how they are involved in “Extending the Hands of Jesus” to the people in their world.

Ladies Fellowship (43)

Ladies Fellowship (44)Brenda and her husband, Steve, “parent” young women who live in their house, and need someone to show them how to live in a family. Their goal is that the women (some with children) will develop a lifestyle that enables them to eventually live on their own.

Ladies Fellowship (45)Jen is involved in sharing the love of Christ with students in a local, public school. This cannot usually be done openly, but she can love and pray for them.

Ladies Fellowship (46)She is a bus driver, has helped in the cafeteria, and in programs where Bible principles can be taught.

Ladies Fellowship (47)Cindy runs a daycare center in her home, where she can openly share the Bible principles with the children. The basket on the pulpit included some of the books and items she uses.

Ladies Fellowship (48)She shared some interesting stories about conversations with the children.

Ladies Fellowship (49)Cerwin took a variety of shots during the time she was on the pulpit.

Ladies Fellowship (50)

Ladies Fellowship (52)

Ladies Fellowship (53)Hannah (who filled in for her mother, Elaine) did a great job of sharing several experiences on how her parents care for foster children and how she and her brother, Dan, are involved.

Ladies Fellowship (54)Her dad had surgery a few days earlier, then had some medical issues and needed to go back to the hospital. Her mom had already given me the pictures for the PowerPoint and her notes were written.

Ladies Fellowship (55)I closed the panel’s session by telling the audience how God called us into Transport For Christ – a ministry to truck drivers. I used this picture to tell the story about how I grew up wanting to tell people about Jesus.

Ladies Fellowship (56)Many in the audience know about our work with TFC, but I tried to tell them some new and interesting stories, and how life for us has changed in recent years since we are now moving toward retirement.

For those who do not know: I began volunteering in the Northeast Region office in the spring of 1977 (one day a week), then in 1987 when computers became necessary, I began working two days a week – and got paid for one.

When the regional director died in 1990 Cerwin and I were asked to come on staff – and we did (that is a fairly long, interesting story). Our busiest time of ministry began in November 1990 when the regional office moved to our house and I began working fulltime.

Cerwin continued to drive truck (forty hours a week), and served in TFC the rest of the time. By this time he had five weeks of vacation per year, so that came in handy when we needed to be at ministry events. It helped TFC that he did not need a ministry paycheck during that time.

At the end of 2006 Cerwin retired after forty years of trucking – about the same time the ministry leadership made a wise decision to no longer have regions. That is when Cerwin became Director of Chapel Construction and I became Director of Staff Communications.

Ladies Fellowship (57)Jessica closed the morning session with directions for lunch and the afternoon workshops.

Ladies Fellowship (58)Lunch in the fellowship hall.

Ladies Fellowship (59)

Ladies Fellowship (60)The men you notice were our helpers: sound, serving food, and a variety of other setup responsibilities. They helped to make us look good. 🙂

Ladies Fellowship (61)

Ladies Fellowship (63)

Ladies Fellowship (64)Following lunch, we went to the workshop of our choice. Most of us made that decision when we registered.

Health Care Issues for Seniors – by Kay
Herbs of the Bible – by Eileen
Fighting Fatigue – by Dr. Luann
Embracing Authenticity – by Bev 
Lessons From the Women of the Bible (for teens) – by Anna


Ladies Fellowship (68)I chose “Embracing Authenticity” with Bev. She is new to our congregation – after recently moving here from Indiana when marrying her husband, Vernon.

Ladies Fellowship (67)It was fun to learn more about her and listen to her skillful teaching.

Ladies Fellowship (51)It was a delightful, refreshing, mid-winter day.

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