More Pictures From the Big Snow

Monday, January 25

DSC_7514This is what the morning sun looked like on the icicles hanging from the edge of our house roof – two days after the snow in late January.


DSC_7518Shadows on the snow.

DSC_7521Traffic was moving again, but schools were still closed.

DSC_7527The icicles looked white and cold at noon.


DSC_7529Cerwin asked the boys to shovel a pathway on the patio, and clear the porch this afternoon when he was clearing the parking lot at the TFC office.

DSC_7531Jared started on the driveway side of the patio.

DSC_7532Ian began at the other end.

DSC_7536Jesse worked on the porch.

DSC_7535It didn’t take them long to remove their coats.



DSC_7547Finished – 45 minutes later.

DSC_7548The cleared porch.

DSC_7552Later in the day a few of Ian’s friends – from the neighborhood – came to give him a ride.

DSC_7554I asked them to have him back in one hour – in time for supper.

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