TFC Chapel Construction Update

The newest trailer was backed into the TFC shop last fall, but Cerwin is still waiting for the go-ahead to begin construction.

Delay in construction on the new trailer is for good reason as this will be the first in a series of Truckers’ Life Centers—chapels that will include a wellness area. TFC President and CEO Scott Weidner wants each “I” dotted and each “T” crossed before construction begins.

DSC_7033The back doors of the trailer have been removed and the 1 x 4 steel frame installed.

While Cerwin waits for word to begin construction on the next chapel, he has kept busy in the TFC shop by doing a few preliminary things on the new trailer and preparing the mobile rig for summer truck shows.

DSC_7043Four used, newly powder-coated wheels to replace the old ones on the trailer.

DSC_7036Scraping old reflective tape from the trailer in preparation for sandblasting.

20160119_124309He built a podium for the new chapel.

DSC_7042Polishing a TFC tractor so it is ready to pull the mobile chapel to spring and summer truck shows and missions conferences.

DSC_7045In the office, I was kept busy in November and December – preparing end-of-year newsletters for our staff, monthly prayer calendars, and single issues of Highway News & Good News (above) – for bulk mailings.

Mailings slow down nicely in January and February, giving me time to can catch up on some other things in my office – especially address changes and updates from our staff and the post office.

DSC_7019Cerwin or I take bulk mailings to the Lititz Post Office once or twice a week during slower times of the year and two or three times a week when staff are busy writing newsletters.

This is what we call partial retirement. 🙂

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