TFC Truck Rally & Lancaster Banquet Meetings

Sunday, January 10

It has been a tradition for many years that we combine our Truck Rally and Lancaster Banquet meetings in one afternoon – because some members are on both committees.

DSC_6990Just before the Truck Rally meeting started, someone noticed the rainbow.

DSC_6991It wasn’t at a great location for us, as it was behind the trees.

DSC_6992Maybe it is a sign to us that the Rally won’t be rained out this year. 🙂


DSC_6995I forgot to take a picture during the Rally meeting, but took a few pictures during our evening meal – when everyone was here.

DSC_6997We serve a meal after the Truck Rally meeting and before the Lancaster Banquet meeting.

DSC_6999I wanted to make sure I got a picture of some of the young people. They give me hope for the future of these TFC events.

When I said that I wasn’t sure what slides I would show at the Lancaster Banquet because the Rally’s truck parade was rained out last year – Joe (third from left) said why don’t you show old Rally pictures – I mean really old ones.

I love that idea.

from the stoners

Then there are Will and Sherry Stoner’s young boys – Trenten and Jack – who drew these pictures for Cerwin and me. They weren’t at the meeting, but their parents were.

Young people like this give me hope for the future.


The Lancaster Banquet is March 26 and the Truck Rally is June 25 & 26.

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