Day 3 in Maine – Lunch at Frontier Café

Wednesday Noon, January 6

Frontier (1)Our second stop was Fort Andross (I took this picture from the car window.)

Fort Andross was established in 1688 as a trading post for fur trappers and as a garrison built during King William’s war and went through many transitions (fort, cotton mill, and a textile and manufacturing mill. Today it houses a variety of businesses.

Frontier (2)Our purpose for stopping here was to have lunch in Frontier Café – one of my favorite places to eat in Brunswick.

Frontier (3)The restaurant was full and rather noisy, so we were glad the small room was not reserved.

If you read my blog, you will remember that we went to Sea Dog for supper two nights earlier. If you look closely through the window pane on the right, you can see it on the other side of the bridge.

Frontier (4)The small dining room seats about ten or twelve people and affords a great view of the Androscoggin River.

Frontier (5)

Frontier (6)

Frontier (7)

Frontier (8)

Frontier (9)It’s a beautiful, artsy café.

Frontier (10)

Frontier (11)

Frontier (12)

Frontier (13)

Frontier (14)Lydia, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Diane were my delightful lunch companions.

Frontier (15)

Frontier (16)Lydia is studying culinary arts, so this meal – The Global – appealed to her. It included smoked salmon, St. Andre cheese, Naan bread, and Baba Ghanoush dip. I am not a fan of salmon, but this was delicious. (I stole a sample.)

Frontier (17)Another view from the top.

Frontier (18)Elizabeth lived in Thailand for several months, so this Peanut Noodle dish – with Tofu – appealed to her.

Frontier (19)Diane and Hannah chose American food – a cheese/bacon burger and sweet potato fries.

Frontier (20)I had tomato soup and bread.

Frontier (21)Crème Brulee

We shared these desserts between the five of us.

Frontier (22)Brownie Sundae

Frontier (23)Olive Oil Cake

Oh, what a wonderful lunch with four of my favorite ladies.

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