Day 2 in Maine

Tuesday, January 5

Day 2 (1)It was a cold morning.

Day 2 (2)Since this is the first winter in their newly purchased house, they learned that this area needs heat tape. It only affected the shower, but they will add more insulation when it is warmer, and they can explore the area where this pipe is too close to the outside weather.

Day 2 (3)I love the setting of their house.

Day 2 (4)

Day 2 (5)

Day 2 (6)There is a church on the hill behind them.

Day 2 (7)

Day 2 (8)Some pretty things in their yard.

Day 2 (9)

Day 2 (10)

Day 2 (11)

Day 2 (13)I needed a new picture of Heze.

Day 2 (14)Sunset from their kitchen table

Day 2 (15)From another kitchen window

After supper, we played a few games. It was a great day with the Myers.

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