Day 1 in Maine – Supper at Sea Dog

Monday, January 4

DSC_6666Mark and Diane checking the menu.

After work, we took everyone to the Sea Dog for supper.

DSC_6663The girls – Hannah, Elizabeth, and Lydia – were going to be a bit late because Hannah and Lydia had some issues in the dairy barn where they work, so we ordered two appetizers: Soft pretzels and cheese…

DSC_6661…and fried pickles.

DSC_6669Now we are all at the table: Hezekiah, Hannah, Mark, Diane, Elizabeth, Lydia, and me. Cerwin thought it was time for me to be in a picture instead of him.

DSC_6667My lobster bisque. Oh, yum.

DSC_6670Some of the other meals.




DSC_6672This was the best salad I have ever eaten. The vegetables (edamame, snow peas, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and mushrooms) were grilled and placed over lettuce. The dressing was something between soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce.

DSC_6677We shared these desserts.


DSC_6680By the time we left, there wasn’t anyone at this end of the restaurant. I took this photo from my seat.

DSC_6682The old building has an interesting history according to the Internet:The Pejepscot Paper Company is a historic mill building located off U.S. 201 in Topsham, Maine, on the banks of the Androscoggin River, across from the town of Brunswick. It was constructed in 1868 and was originally known as the Topsham Paper Mill. In 1875 the mill was re-incorporated as the Bowdoin Paper Manufacturing Company.

In 1998 the mill was included on the National Trust for Historic Preservation list of most endangered sites. It was later restored and currently houses a restaurant and a number of small businesses.

DSC_6685The hallway from the restaurant to the parking lot. There are other businesses in the building.

DSC_6688The restaurant is located on the bottom left in Bowdoin Mill.

It was an interesting location and delicious meal. I am sure we will be back sometime.

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  1. The food looks so good. My mother’s family lived in Portland and a fewthem lived in Millinocket. They originally came from New Brunswick, Canada, and before that from Northern Ireland. The family name was McCrea.

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