A Cold Morning & A Pretty Sunset

Monday Morning, October 19

A Cold Morning (1)Our first frost

A Cold Morning (2)

A Cold Morning (3)

A Cold Morning (4)Our first cold morning created a thin layer of ice in the bird bath.

A Cold Morning (5)

A Cold Morning (6)The fields where corn had recently been harvested were also frosted with white.

A Cold Morning (7)

A Cold Morning (8)The leaves on our bushes also showed signs of the light frost.

A Cold Morning (9)

A Cold Morning (10)Cerwin had to scrape the pickup truck windows before going to the TFC office.

A Cold Morning (11)He called me shortly after leaving to see if I noticed the smoke in the western sky. He drove toward what was burning. It turned out to be someone burning trash – safely in the middle of a field.

A Cold Morning (12)We are enjoying the beautiful fall sunsets. This one was from the evening of Tuesday, March 20.

A Birthday Party for Peyton & Bailey

Saturday, October 17Birthday (1)Peyton and Bailey are our great-nieces (Jakey and Crystal’s daughters).

Birthday (2)

Birthday (3)

Birthday (4)

Birthday (5)I love their new (to them) kids table and chairs. They were definitely designed by skilled craftsmen.

Birthday (6)The tiger’s feet

Birthday (7)

Birthday (8)

Birthday (9)

Birthday (10)

Birthday (11)

Birthday (12)

Birthday (13)Crystal and her mom did a great job in making a delicious lunch.

Birthday (14)

Birthday (15)

Birthday (16)Every kid’s party needs mac and cheese.

Birthday (17)

Birthday (18)

Birthday (19)

Birthday (20)

Birthday (21)

Birthday (22)

Birthday (25)The birthday cake

Birthday (26)Delicious

Birthday (27)The gifts

Birthday (28)Love going to birthday parties.

Prayer Team & Fall Colors

Sunday, October 11

10-11-15 Prayer Team (1)Our prayer team was here for lunch – then an informal meeting where several staff members shared an update on their part of the TFC ministry.

10-11-15 Prayer Team (2)We invited Jeff and Ruth Martin as guests, so the team could meet them and hear about Ruth’s work as Administrative Assistant in the Office of Chaplains.

Sam Rittenhouse (right), Assistant Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, shared some experiences of his contact with the chaplains during the past year.

10-11-15 Prayer Team (4)Bunny O’Hare (second from right) Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, updated us on his staff chaplain contacts and visits to the chapels.

10-11-15 Prayer Team (7)Cerwin and I shared about the ministry events in our lives.

These friends are a great blessing to us..


Friday, October 16 & Saturday, October 17

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (1)These pictures were taken two weeks ago – when the leaves in our woodlot were just beginning to change.

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (2)

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (3)

10-17 (1)

10-17 (2)

10-17 (3)

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (4)I enjoy seeing fall colors and sunsets.

TFC York-Adams Chapter – Bake Sale Benefit

Saturday, October 10

York Adams (1)We were out of the house by 4:00 AM so we could have the International Chapel to Menges Diner by 6:00 AM.

York Adams (2)Some people think we move each of our chapels. However, this is the only one that is used as a mobile rig.


Maybe this would be a good time to update you on our chapel locations. Permanent chapels stay at truck stops and are staffed with trained chaplains and volunteers. TFC is currently serving truckers and the trucking industry with seven chapels in Canada, two in Moscow, Russia, two in Zambia, Africa (Chirundu Border Crossing and Kazungula Ferry Crossing), and ministry at Paranaguá Port, Brazil. There are twenty-eight chapels in the USA and ten areas where ministry is being held inside the truck stop. That means we have fifty areas of ministry in the country – plus the mobile rig that we take to churches, truck shows, and chapter meetings. We also have staff who minister in truck terminals and truck driver training schools.


York Adams (3)Following an 8:00 AM breakfast, the York-Adams Chapter met inside the chapel.

York Adams (4)Cerwin and I gave a ministry update.

York Adams (5)This man shared an opening song. He should be singing on big stages.

York Adams (6)Bill Menges (owner of the diner, and chapter contact person) gave us a challenge on keeping our focus on Christ.

York Adams (7)After the service, Cerwin and I stayed and kept the chapel open for those who came to the bake sale, or were driving by and wanted to see this unusual rig.

York Adams (17)We had a fun visit with our son-in-law Mark Myers’ parents who live only a few miles from Menges Diner.

York Adams (8)

York Adams (9)I think I am correct in saying that there has been a decorated chapel cake at this bake sale each year.

York Adams (10)There were cakes, bar cookies, whoopee pies, and cup cakes.

York Adams (11)Apple dumplings

York Adams (12)A variety of sweet breads.

York Adams (13)

York Adams (14)Pies and cookies

York Adams (15)Cakes

York Adams (16)On the way home, we followed this unusual vehicle for a bit, then as we went by him he gave us a thumbs-up.

York Adams (18)The Wrightsville Bridge, just south of the RT 30 Bridge, looked beautiful in the evening light as we traveled from York County to Lancaster County.

York Adams (19)

York Adams (20)This is why I like road trips.

Changing Weather & Our Four Youngest Boys

Friday Evening, October 9

10-9 (1)Shortly after 4:30 PM we heard wind and saw leaves blowing everywhere.

10-9 (2)I was concerned that our trees were going to loose all their leaves before the beautiful fall colors arrived. But you will notice in future posts that we still had plenty of leaves during the height of autumn colors.

10-9 (5)It was a quick-moving storm with little rain, and there were only a few small branches on the ground.


Grandma and Grandpa were in their “glory” when we discovered that the four youngest boys in our lives were coming to stay for the evening.


10-9a (1)Our great-grandson, Anthony, wandered around and enjoyed our toys for quite awhile – until he walked by the door that his mother and gone through earlier in the evening. The result was a short meltdown.

I took him outside for a walk to distract him, and then turned on the BABY Channel to see if that occupied his mind. It did – for one hour! 🙂 He loved all the colors, counting, and little person activity – and Great-grandpa loved the cuddling.

10-9a (3)Jesse

Meanwhile our three youngest grandchildren enjoyed root beer floats and taking turns racing cars on the Xbox in the man cave.

10-9a (4)Jared and Ian

Their dads were on a spiritual camping journey in the Adirondacks with several other men – most from our church – and their moms were having an evening together.

Boys fascinate me! Sometime after 8:00 PM the three oldest decided they were hungry for pancakes. 🙂 Thankfully, I had some ready-made ones in the freezer. They were also a hit with Anthony. He kept using his baby sign-language to tell me he wanted “more”.

Anthony’s local grandma came for him at bedtime. It’s nice that those grandparents, and Nate, Abby, and Anthony live less than two miles from us.


A few days later – Thursday, October 15 – when the evening sun was shining on our trees, and the neighbor had just created some very large bales, I went outside to look for some photo ops.


10-15 0aNo, that is not a real deer, but a target the guys use before hunting.

10-15 0 10-15 0ab

10-15 0ac

10-15 b (4)I was glad I got these pictures, because the bales were picked up and taken to a storage area sometimes during the night. They were in the field for only a few hours.

10-15 c (1)

10-15 c (2)I love pretty fall evenings.