Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Part 1

Saturday, September 12

The first thing we did on the wedding day was go to the barn where the reception would be held. We had punch to deliver for the hors d’oeuvres table.

1 (1)This sign was beautifully decorated with flowers when we came back that evening.

1 (2)



3aI was responsible for the punch bowl, and this is the mixture I used to make a red punch – requested by our granddaughter, Jenna. To each gallon of punch, the attendant added a 2 liter container of ginger ale. I didn’t follow a recipe, just found red punch and added some real fruit juices. I thought it was pretty good.

3bAn overview of the room from a ladder. If you look through the closest ladder you can see a white door.

3cThis is where everyone would get their name tag which directed them to their table and seat.


4We were here a bit the day before – to learn where to put the punch, ginger ale, and frozen ice hearts.

4aWe saw Jeff, Chris, her mom, Jenna, Dustan, Diana, and Chelsey doing some of the setup.

4bThe wedding party’s table.

4cThe father of the bride was responsible for the marriage license.

4caIt was fun seeing the room before guests arrived.

5 (2)Thank you gifts from Dustan and Jenna – ingredients to make a s’more.

5 (3)Can you tell this is a family of hunters by the centerpiece on each table?

5 (4)We found where we will be sitting.

5 (5)

5 (6)

5 (7)

5 (8)

5 (9)

5 (9a)Our sister-in-law Dot, did a great job on the flower arrangements at the reception.

5aJeff and Chris’ old truck was where gifts would be stored.

5bIt was supposed to be outside, but rain was predicted, so Jeff pulled it inside.



DSC_0111Tomorrow night – family pictures before the wedding.

12 thoughts on “Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Part 1

  1. How lovely the barn looks when transformed into a reception venue! And the decorations are wonderful — every bit as pretty as the ones my nephew’s wedding planner wife contracts for!

  2. How lovely the barn looks when transformed to a reception venue! I love the decorations — every bit as lovely as those my nephew’s wedding planner wife contracts for! And the idea of the truck as a place to leave gifts is brilliant!

  3. Thanks, Doris Jean. It’s a joy to see the wedding through the eyes of a grandma! You do excellent with any occasion but this is extra special – I’m enjoying it.

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