Driving Home From Maine

Tuesday, September 8

DSC_0032It was a nice day for a ten-hour drive from Maine to Pennsylvania.


DSC_0041Leaving Maine

DSC_0042We passed several vehicles with this logo – Team Rock Ministries. I took this picture so I could remember the name and check out what their ministry.

From the internet: http://teamrockministry.com/ Team Rock exists to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally through creative outreach. Team Rock seeks to do as Jesus did and go where people are at.

DSC_0048New Hampshire trees were beginning to show signs of autumn.


DSC_0050Working on a bridge.

DSC_0051More signs of fall.





DSC_0063Looks like someone enjoyed a weekend in the water.

DSC_0068That’s a lot of axles. We wondered what it had delivered.

DSC_0077Shortly after we got home, I noticed something orange in our yard.

DSC_0079I often wonder what makes fungus grow. I don’t think I every saw one like this one in our yard.

It was good to be home again.

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