Bluegrass Festival in Maine – Day 3

Sunday, September 6

We were at the beach early – 8:30 – for the morning worship service with Mike and Mary Robinson.

Bluegrass (1)This small boat was anchored here all weekend, and looked different each time I went by – depending on the tide and time of day.

Bluegrass (2)We watched these birds from a distance while waiting for the service to begin.

Bluegrass (3)

Bluegrass (4)Mike (blue shirt – center) and Mary (blue dress/red blouse) invite others to join them for the Bluegrass Gospel Sing and Jam.

Bluegrass (5)

Bluegrass (6)We sang songs like “Will the Circle be Unbroken”, “Amazing Grace”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, and “Do Lord.”

Bluegrass (7)

Bluegrass (8)

Bluegrass (9)Mark, Diane, and Hezekiah are in the back row – close to the camera – 3rd, 4th, and 5th from the right. Elizabeth is in the front on the right. Cerwin was next to Hezekiah, and Hannah and Lydia came after I took this picture.

Bluegrass (10)

Bluegrass (11)Some listened from their canoes.

Bluegrass (12)The man in the white “Bluegrass” shirt often whistled the chorus.

Bluegrass (13)

Bluegrass (14)

Bluegrass (15)

Bluegrass (16)The festival sketch artist was sitting next to me.

Bluegrass (17)I asked him if he has been sketching his entire life.

He replied, “My brother said I was born with a pencil in my hand.”

Bluegrass (18)Pastor Mike’s Sermon was about the significance of Peter walking on water and applying it to our lives.

Realize – a trouble or need

Recognize – that the solution is Jesus

Respond – get out of the boat

Rely – on Jesus to finish well

Bluegrass (19)

Bluegrass (20)If I remember correctly this was a grandson and grandfather singing.

Bluegrass (21)

Bluegrass (22)

Bluegrass (23)

Bluegrass (24)

Bluegrass (25)

Bluegrass (26)Going for a cup of water.

Bluegrass (27)

Bluegrass (28)Got it

Bluegrass (29)

Bluegrass (30)The Larry Stephenson Band opened at 10:00 on the stage.

Bluegrass (31)Della Mae

I enjoy their style and sound.

Bluegrass (32)Town Mountain

Bluegrass (33)Photos from my lunch walk.

Bluegrass (34)

Bluegrass (35)

Bluegrass (36)The sketch artist was putting the finishing touches on the morning worship service.

Bluegrass (37)Lonely Heartstring Band

Bluegrass (38)The Blue Angels are back for their final show of the weekend.

Bluegrass (39)

Bluegrass (40)Someone said, “It doesn’t get any better than a weekend of Blue Angels, blue skies, and bluegrass. 🙂

Bluegrass (41)

Bluegrass (42)Our last sight of them.

Bluegrass (43)Heze’s sweet Sarah joined him for the evening program.

Bluegrass (44)Another plane leaving the naval base.

Bluegrass (45)Evening reflections at high tide.

Bluegrass (46)

Bluegrass (47)There’s that boat again.

Bluegrass (48)My favorite group of the day – The Gibson Brothers. The two brothers are in the center playing banjo and guitar.

They have great sibling harmony and comedy.

Bluegrass (49)Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives closed the stage show. They are incredibly talented musicians.

After the stage shows, there is the Late Night Stage (10:30) under the tent with Tennessee Mafia Jug Band with Leroy Troy. Town Mountain was on at 11:45.

I can’t stay awake that late, but Diane, Elizabeth, Hannah, Heze, and Lydia stayed until sometime after midnight. Mark went home early because he had to be at work before sunrise on Monday morning.

Bluegrass (50)It was an incredibly relaxing three days.

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  1. Oh my, Doris ~ GREAT seagull shots!!! I had to shut my mouth quickly on Sunday at church as I found myself whistling along with the first hymn! I have no idea why I was doing that! LOL!

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