Supper With Inge at Inn 422

Thursday evening, July 30

Inge and I have worked together with TFC (mostly via computer) for more than twenty years.

DSC_8291It was maybe late 2006 or early 2007 when I began doing all bulk mailings for TFC. This included doing the monthly, single mailings of the Highway News & Good News.

Before doing a bulk mailing I run the list through software generated by Pitney Bowes – using the Post Office address listing. One day, several months later, probably in a bit of frustration, Inge replied to several rejections. “If we ever have a month where there are no rejections, we are going out to eat at T J Rockwell’s.”

Rejects happen because new donor addresses are added at TFC’s International Office on a regular basis and sometimes an address is misspelled or placed in an incorrect field. Maybe a donor gives their residential address, but their mail is received at a PO Box. Rejects also happen when people move or are temporarily away.

In May Pitney Bowes began using a new online software that automatically changes addresses when people move – so this has reduced the rejected list considerably.

It finally happened in July. I could not believe my eyes, and double-checked the rejected listing to make sure there were no addresses there – then emailed Inge.

DSC_8307After a few emails, we decided to go to Inn 422 in Lebanon – one of my favorite local restaurants. Inge had never been there.

DSC_8303This was the day Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock left to take the chapel to Ocala, Florida, and a few days before my week got really busy.

DSC_8305I was in the mood to do something special, and Inge enjoys going to new (for her) restaurants.

DSC_8294I always delight in the atmosphere of this old structure – formerly a home owned by the Colemans – a wealthy local family in the early 1800s. (You may remember I mentioned that they owned the mansion at the Wolf Sanctuary, which I wrote about last week.)



DSC_8286Inge checking the menu which has a very large listing of available entrees.

If you cannot find what you want, you can ask for the breakfast or lunch menu. They serve food from all three menus anytime during restaurant hours.

DSC_8287Inge ordered this strawberry chicken and said it was way beyond anything she expected.

DSC_8288I ordered two appetizers – lobster stew…

DSC_8292…and this shrimp/spaghetti dish.

DSC_8293We had a most delightful evening – eating and visiting – and both ordered this small lemon dessert – a perfect ending to our meal.

DSC_8284If you would like to read Inge’s take on the evening, go to her blog at

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