The Day After The Rain

Friday, August 21

day after (2)The morning was beautiful – the day after the rain.

day after (1)Raindrops were still hanging to the leaves.

day after (3)

day after (4)

day after (5)Somebody was busy during the night.

day after (6)By evening the sky “called” me to the outside.

day after (7)

day after (8)

day after (9)

day after (10)I couldn’t get enough of this sky.

day after (11)

day after (12)

day after (13)It won’t be many days before this corn will be in storage bins, so I will enjoy this view as long as I can.

day after (14)

day after (15)

day after (16)

day after (17)

day after (18)Before I knew it, this beautiful day was over.

Lots of Rain

Thursday Afternoon, August 20

DSC_8946After a very dry, almost rain-free July and August, we were glad to hear that this was supposed to be a very rainy day.


DSC_8956By 3:30 PM we were enjoying a downpour.











DSC_8996By 5:00 PM our yard looked like a small river.


DSC_9004When our rain gauge filled at five inches, Cerwin emptied it, and before the afternoon was over we had another one-and-six-tenth inches.



DSC_9021That was good for our yards and cornfields.

Rain and a Loud Noise

Monday, August 17

1It was an interesting, very local, quick rainfall.

Neighbors less than a mile away didn’t receive more than a few drops while we had a nice afternoon rain – about a quarter inch.

2The yard was ready for a refresher – and could have used more.

I heard a loud noise that I thought was thunder – until I looked outside.

DSC_8922This branch missed the TFC pickup truck that Cerwin drives to work by only two feet. He usually takes it to work, but on this day he took the RAV4.


DSC_8925This branch landed close to the house.

DSC_8927So grateful that neither the truck or house were damaged.

DSC_8929Cerwin was glad for an excuse to use his brand new chainsaw.

His old one died in July – the day we had the large tree in our front yard taken down and he cut it up into firewood for Jere and Kristen.

Dave’s Lawn and Garden said he got his moneys worth out of the old one, because he bought it in 1987. If his new one lasts that long, Cerwin will be 102 before he needs another one. Maybe by that time he won’t be cutting up trees. 🙂

A Wedding Shower For Dustan and Jenna

Sunday Evening, August 16

We became part of the surprise when Chris (our daughter-in-law and Jenna’s mother) asked if we would text Jenna on Sunday evening, asking if they could show us their house. I had recently mentioned to Jenna that I would like to see it, and Chris knew that. Chris said we should get there about  6:15 and keep them there until about 7:15. Dustan knew about the shower so was quite cooperative. 🙂

shower (1)After leaving their house in Lititz, we went to another area of town so Jenna wouldn’t see our car heading to Dustan’s parent’s house (just outside of Lititz) where the shower was being held. We drove into the parking lot of the Moravian Church and saw this design in their yard. I thought it was a good life message for Dustan and Jenna. “Let God.”

When we got a text that they were in the house, we headed to the shower.

shower (2)Jenna was a bit suspicious that something was going on, but things didn’t happen like she thought, so she was quite surprised when everyone was at the Rohrer’s.

shower (3)Love these two!

shower (4)Their wedding day

shower (5)Beautiful decorations.

shower (8)

shower (9)

shower (7)The gifts were placed on a beautiful old table.

shower (10)

shower (11)

shower (6)

shower (12)Dustan’s mother, Debbie, putting out a new platter of sandwiches. Her sister-in-law Kim is behind her.

shower (13)There was lots of yummy food.

shower (14)

shower (15)

shower (16)I somehow forgot to photograph the dessert area.

shower (17)There was assigned seating for the parents, grandparents, and girls in the wedding party.

shower (18)

shower (19)

shower (20)

shower (22)Scott and Debbie, parents of the groom, and Jeff and Chris, parents of the bride.

shower (23)

shower (24)Her attendants – Diana, Chelsey, Marcy, Maddy, and Gloria – helped the mothers plan this shower.

shower (25)

shower (26)

shower (27)

shower (28)

shower (29)

shower (30)That would be me.

shower (31)

shower (32)Grandparents: Grandpa Rohrer (Grandma Rohrer is standing in the back in white), Grandpa Shenk, Grandma Shenk, Cerwin, my seat, Grandma Wells, and Great-grandma Hershey.

shower (33)

shower (34)I didn’t play this, so I am not sure how it was played, but I know our granddaughter Abby called “bingo” first.

shower (35)It was fun watching them open gifts.

shower (36)

shower (37)

shower (38)

shower (39)This was a beautifully decorated “R” for Rohrer (their last name). The photos were from their engagement photo shoot – by Kezie – and the R was decorated and given by our daughter-in-law Kristen and granddaughter Jana.

shower (40)

shower (41)

shower (42)

shower (43)

shower (44)

shower (45)Reading the information on this beautiful, outside bush.

shower (46)Jenna and her friends Kelsey and Kezie looking at pictures on a cell phone.

shower (47)It was a “high five” kind of evening. 🙂

Chuck E Cheese’s With Jared and Jesse

Saturday, August 15

Chuck E Cheese's (1)This visit was for Jared and Jesse’s 2015 birthdays.

Chuck E Cheese's (3)

Chuck E Cheese's (4)

Chuck E Cheese's (5)Jared hit the jackpot – and emptied the machine of tickets. 🙂

Chuck E Cheese's (6)

Chuck E Cheese's (7)Skittleball

Chuck E Cheese's (8)This is my favorite Chuck E Cheese’s game.

Chuck E Cheese's (9)

Chuck E Cheese's (10)Trying the jackpot game again after the tickets were replenished.

Chuck E Cheese's (11)He did it again!

Chuck E Cheese's (12)

Chuck E Cheese's (13)Jesse’s “loot”

Jared gave Jesse all his tickets, plus Jesse had received a lot of tokens and tickets as a birthday gift.

I enjoy any day I get to spend with children or grandchildren.