Chapel Construction Update For Ocala, Florida

Cerwin had a workday on the chapel today – with five men helping him – so I thought it was time for an update – and I know Chaplain John is anxious to see new pictures of the chapel that will be coming his way later this summer.

Ocala (1)This is what the exterior of the chapel looked like on May 22 when Cerwin took it to Merv Weaver’s for sandblasting and painting prep.

Ocala (2)When it was finished there, it was taken to Trans Equipment where Brad Plank’s crew did a fabulous job of painting it.

It was brought back to the shop toward the end of last week for more inside construction before it is lettered.

Ocala (3)While the chapel was gone, Cerwin built the bed (above) and worked on the door and window awnings (which will be installed when we arrive in Florida.)

Ocala (4)Today’s crew worked on interior lighting and outside LED lights.

Ocala (5)The camera picked up a different lighting after the florescent lights were installed.

Ocala (8)

Ocala (9)Installing reflective tape makes a difference in the exterior appearance.

Ocala (10)

Ocala (11)It is looking good.

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