The Mobile Chapel At PMTA Truck Driving Championships

Saturday, June 6

From the Internet: The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association was organized to promote the common business interests of persons engaged in the motor transportation industry and is dedicated to effectively representing the concerns of the trucking industry to members, government and regulatory agencies and the general public.

DSCN0039Several TFC staff went to this event at HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College) – which is fairly close to TFC’s International Office.

Cerwin asked if I wanted to go along, but I felt that my body, soul, and spirit needed a quiet day at home – especially since it suited several others to represent TFC.

I cleaned, did laundry, and spent the afternoon watching Undercover Boss. I enjoy watching what happens when a boss disguises himself (or herself) and comes into the business on an entry level job.

DSCN0040Several men stayed at the chapel while others went to the “bull pen” to talk to the drivers who were waiting for their turn to go through the course.

DSCN0042Bunny, Chris, Bob, and Jake

DSCN0043Another picture of the same four.

DSCN0044The Pennsylvania driver who wins this championship goes on to the national championships.

DSCN0045Cerwin said they had a good day visiting with drivers and representing Christ and the ministry of TFC.

Sunset In Our Valley

Several days ago I noticed a yellow glow outside our windows and went for my camera.

1 (1)It was a beautiful evening.

1 (2)

1 (3)

2 (1)The day lilies looked pretty in the evening sun.

2 (2)

2 (3)

DSC_4993Since I only have a few weeks to enjoy the daisies, I try to advantage of pictures.

DSC_5005Changing the angle of the sunlight changes the picture.


DSC_5009Daisies and sunsets make me smile.

















DSC_5036The sunset revealed a spider web that I didn’t notice before.

Oh, What A Day

Today’s Truck Rally was one like we never had in 35 years – rain and cool weather all day. About 90 (I haven’t heard the final count) brave truckers brought their beautiful rigs. That was a small Truck Rally “fleet” for us, but everyone had a good day. Another first for the rally – the parade was cancelled. The eight-mile parade involves four separate fire companies and a lot of truck parkers on the grounds. What would God have us do? The “truck” part of the committee decided that it didn’t seem necessary for all those men and women to get wet. And safety was a concern.

The rain forced us to rent another large building on the Lebanon Expo grounds. All the children’s activities fit inside – even the barrel train, ice cream truck, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, and Lawn and Laurel Cook’s cotton candy machine. It was a perfect building for the children and their parents. The children’s committee is already giving us strong hints to rent this building every year. 🙂

The close of the day was the best – a gospel concert by the Brown’s from Le Mars, Iowa. North Hall was as full as if it was a sunny day – and we were blessed! I will tell you more about it when I get to the pictures in my file – probably in about a week.

DSC_5837This was my view of two Paul Rissler trucks as I left the fairgrounds tonight – in the rain.

God gave us a good day.

(There will be much more on the Truck Rally when I get to the pictures in my files.)