Senior Prom Pictures

Saturday Evening, April 24

Sarah (our next door neighbor) messaged me a few days earlier, asking if I would go with her to a local property where many students go to take prom pictures.

She wanted pictures of her son Alex and his prom date.

0 (1)When I got in the car, Sarah gave me the address, and I realized that we were going to my friend Gloria’s place.

There were students, parents, siblings, and friends everywhere.

0 (3)

0a (2)There were also cars and limos parked in every possible parking spot.


0 (2)Some were posing for pictures – many in front of the lake.

0cI am not sure how the tradition began for the students to come here for prom pictures – but when you see her property, you understand why they keep coming back each year.

1 (3)


2a (3)

2 (1)

2 (3)

2a (2)

2aa (1)We were there a few minutes before Alex and Emily arrived – then it was time to find places for them to pose.

2aa (2)

2c (1)

2c (2)

2d (2)

2e (1)

2e (2)

2aa (3)I took these side views while her mom was taking pictures of them.


3 (5)With her parents.

Her mother and I were trying to figure out how we know each other, but did not come up with a common person or place. Then when she posted her pictures on Facebook, I realized that Emily’s dad is a son of our friends Ken and Judy. I haven seen him since he was a little boy.

4Sarah and Alex



3 (1)Several more pictures with some of their friends.

4c (1)

4c (2)

4c (3)

4c (6)

4c (7)

4c (5)

4c (8) 4c (9)

5 (2)

5 (3)

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)

6 (4)

6 (5)

6 (6)Someone mentioned his cuff links, so I asked him to show them off.

This is the pose I got. 🙂

7His mom gave him a hug before we left.

8My favorite picture of the evening. 🙂

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  1. That’s a gorgeous location for a photoshoot! And the kids are all enjoying themselves, too! It will be (must have been) a very pretty prom! And how nice that your friend allows the kids to use her beautiful property for the photos!

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