TFC Chapel Construction Update

Ocala, Florida, chapel construction – March 3 to 16.

Photos by Cerwin

3-3-15Glen sanding a ceiling panel in preparation for a final coat of paint.

3-4-15 (2)Installing wall insulation.

3-10-15 (6)Wiring

3-12-15 (3)Ray wiring the main box.

3-12-15 (3a)

3-12-15 (6)Volunteers enjoying lunch – Rod, Leonard, Ray, Dennis, Glenn.

3-12-15 (9)Ceiling installed.

3-16-15 Florida (1)Installing wall paneling in the chapel area.

3-16-15 Florida (4)

3-16-15 Florida (5)Cerwin said the paneling in the living quarters/office will be finished by the end of this week. Lord willing.

This post is especially for the Ocala, Florida, staff who enjoy seeing the updates. 🙂

4 thoughts on “TFC Chapel Construction Update

    • When under a tight deadline they can do it in three months. It depends on how long it takes at the paint shop. This one will not be delivered until late July or August, so they are not under a tight deadline.

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