Lunch With Roy & Deb

Sunday, January 11

We had a few things that belonged to Roy and Deb, so decided to meet them for lunch.

DSC_4633Shortly after we arrived at RD’s, a friend of Roy & Deb’s came in and sat at the next table. Deb offered to hold their baby for a bit.

DSC_4636She had been crying before Deb got her, and we were amused by her big tears.

DSC_4642What a beautiful baby girl.

DSC_4630As we talked and waited for lunch, I noticed this scene outside the window and thought, “That would make a good picture.”

DSC_4632Someone once asked me if I don’t think I miss a lot of things when we travel because I am always taking pictures.

DSC_4644Actually, I think I notice more things because I take pictures. 🙂


DSC_4649Shortly after leaving the restaurant – on our way to Roy and Deb’s – we noticed this pilot enjoying the beautiful afternoon.


DSC_4653Right below him was this Amish buggy.


Tomorrow night I will introduce you to Deb’s newest rescue – a baby goat.

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