It Was A “God Thing”

Saturday evening, January 24

It was just a week ago – when Reuben and Judi were still here with their two little ones. They wanted to take us out for supper as a thank you gift for allowing them to stay here while they waited for the legal paperwork to be able to take little man home.

20150124_184340We chose Lititz Family Cupboard, and as we got out of our car I heard Judy exclaim in surprise at seeing someone she knew. Since they live in the Midwest, I thought it must be someone from the church they attend when they are here.

Imagine my surprise when I learned it was Lois (left) the lady who coordinated little man’s adoption – and they live half-an-hour away!

We asked the waitress if we could all sit together. There were 5 of them and 5 of us – plus the baby.

20150124_184359We had a most delightful evening, and it was a special treat for Lois to see Reuben, Judi, and their little ones before they went home. (Cerwin took these pictures with his cell phone.)


I love how God makes this kind of thing happen now and then – affirming His love and care for us.

Spiritual Refreshment Day ~ Part 4 of 4

Lunch and the Afternoon Session

4 (1)Bev closed the morning session, explained the lunch procedure, and prayed for the meal.

4 (2)

4 (3)The cooks and assistants were busy in the kitchen – setting out food for the 225 ladies in attendance.

4 (4)

4 (5)

4 (6)Pulled pork sandwiches with slaw.

4 (7)

4 (10)

4 (8)

4 (9)Salad

4 (11)Macaroni salad

4 (14)Pies for dessert

4 (13)

4 (12)

4 (15)

4 (16)

4 (17)

4 (18)

4 (19)The afternoon session began with congregational singing – led by Linnea.

4 (20)Jess welcomed us back to the sanctuary and invited Dorcas to the podium.

4 (21)From my notes: Take 100% of the responsibility for your part of your problems.

In this session Dorcas suggested a series of ways we can encourage our husband or those in our world.

Accept – Appreciate – Admire


The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. Proverbs 14:1 New International Version

We are used to seeing the above version. However, the following one grabbed my attention.

A woman’s family is held together by her wisdom, but it can be destroyed by her foolishness. Proverbs 14:1 Contemporary English Version.

4 (22)Dorinda gave the closing remarks.


It was a challenging and encouraging day.

Spiritual Refreshment Day ~ Part 3 of 4

Morning Session ~ 10:00 AM

Part 3 (1)Glenn on the sound board during setup.

Part 3 (2)Jon and Nevin did not know I was taking their picture as the session was about to begin.

Part 3 (3)I won’t tell you what was funny when they noticed my camera.

You will have to ask Nevin. 🙂

Part 3 (4)Congregational singing led by Linnea.

Part 3 (5)

Part 3 (6)

Part 3 (9)

Part 3 (7)

Part 3 (10)

Part 3 (8)

Part 3 (12)Welcome by Debbie

Part 3 (11)

Part 3 (13)Offering for the expenses of the day.

Part 3 (14)Quintet: Melita, Adrielle, Abby (our granddaughter), Bethany, and Stehanie

Part 3 (15)

Part 3 (16)Prayer for the morning session.

Part 3 (17)The committee (Deb, Dorinda (hidden), Bev, and Jess) praying for Dorcas.

Part 3 (18)

Part 3 (19)

Part 3 (20)I was blessed and challenged by Dorcas’ session on “Trust or Control.”

Part 3 (21)Many Godly women believe in God’s order of spiritual authority: God – Christ – Man – Woman, but they often acquire a spirit of control and manipulation instead of trust.

Dorcas called this “The Matriarchal Spirit.” It is a spirit of rebellion which uses manipulation and control to gain control by whatever means possible. Our society has painted this spirit white and it is so common in our world that it often becomes difficult for us to recognize, but it has nevertheless caused great havoc in our homes and lives.

Sometimes it happens due to childhood hurts at home, school, or church – and because of our lack of trust in God we hire a matriarchal spirit to protect us. Other times it is just because of our need to be right and in control.

She told several interesting stories – some of them personal – to make a point. She is a very gifted speaker.


I will post photos from lunch and the afternoon session tomorrow night.

Spiritual Refreshment Day ~ Part 1 of 4

Ladies Fellowship Day Program

1aIt was a rather unsettling morning for the committee because it had snowed several inches overnight.

However, it was a wet snow meaning when it was plowed, the roads stayed clear.

1b (1)The Wengers were busy plowing the parking lot when I arrived.

1b (2)I asked Cerwin to take me because I am not comfortable driving on snowy roads.

1c (1)

1c (2)Bob made sure the sidewalk was clear.

1d (2)My first stop was the fellowship hall which was set up for lunch.

1d (1)

1eThey were set up for 280 ladies – making the room full of tables.


1gI always enjoy seeing the pretty decorations for this luncheon.

1h (1)Brenda and her daughter Korina did a great job with the theme – burlap & lace.


1h (4)

1h (3)

1h (5)

1h (2)


1k (1)

1k (2)Church cookbooks were available for purchase at one end of the room.

1k (3)

1k (4)When I got to the narthex, ladies were beginning to arrive and register.


The committee was pleased that despite the snow there were still about 225 ladies in attendance – some from quite a distance. I talked to several ladies from West Virginia and some others from an hour or two away.


Part 2 tomorrow night.