October Nature

I went through photos from October – before we delivered the chapel to Pass Lake – and gathered a potpourri of shots for tonight’s post.


Wednesday Evening, October 8

0 (1)A pretty sunset

0 (6)The blood moon was beautiful in the night sky.


Thursday, October 9

1 (2)Evening sky

1 (7)When walking toward the house from the previous shot, I noticed one azalea bloom. This bush is usually in full-bloom in spring.

It is rare to find flowers in fall.


Sunday, October 12

2 (2)Morning dew

2 (12)

2 (6)

2 (16)Golden sunset

2 (17)The golden sunset created copper-colored leaves to one of our shellbark trees.

2 (18)

2 (19)


Thursday, October 16

10-16-14 Spotted moth (1)At first I thought a leaf was stuck in our front door – then noticed that it was a moth.

10-16-14 Spotted moth (2)I looked up leaf-colored moths. The closest match I could find was the spotted moth. That may not be correct. There are many varieties of leaf-colored moths.


Sunday, October 19

10-19-14 (1)Morning sunshine on our front yard trees.

10-19-14 (3)

10-19-14 (2)


Friday Evening, October 24

10-24-14 (1)When I looked toward the west to check on the sunset, I noticed movement – at a distance – in the field across the road and saw a rather attractive fox .

10-24-14 (2)Even though we know there are foxes in our area, we don’t remember ever seeing one in this field.

10-24-14 (7)That evening the Lord painted one of the prettiest sunsets of the month.

10-24-14 (6)

10-24-14 (4)

10-24-14 (3)So ends this series of nature shots.

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  1. What a beautiful series of nature shots, Doris! The tree colors are gorgeous , the sunsets magnificent, and the fox — well, foxy! Seriously, wht a treat to see the fox so close to your home!

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