Mighty Hunters

Today ~ November 30

1This morning as the sun was rising, I was saying goodbye to four special hunters.

2The Pennsylvania whitetail hunt opens tomorrow, and these hopeful hunters were on their way by 7:00 AM.

This is the first hunt for Jana and Ian.

Jere has been hunting for thirty-something years. I am not sure when he first went deer-hunting. He was probably twelve when he shot his first squirrel.

Cerwin has been hunting deer for fifty-eight years. He shot his first white-tail when he was fifteen. He went with Uncle Amos, and barely knew what he was looking for.

3 (1)

This afternoon – after arriving at the motel where they stay – they set up their blinds on the private farm where they hunt. Ian and Grandpa will be in one blind and Jere and Jana in the other.

3 (2)

Jana and Ian.

Me? I cannot imagine why anyone would want to be outside in freezing temperatures waiting for a deer to walk by. 🙂 Going along is not even a temptation. I would rather stay home – even in a house where the hot water heater is not working. (The repairman will be here in the morning.)


My day:

I had a good morning with Cerwin’s mother. It was her first Sunday in the Oregon House section of Landis Homes, and I thought it would be nice if someone went with her to the worship service. Since East Bethany Chapel is in the Personal and Nursing Care building, almost every one comes to church with walkers or in wheel chairs. I felt very young.

Laura, a friend of Mother’s from Erb Mennonite, lives in Cedar (Personal Care) and heard that she is in Oregon House, so came to visit her after lunch. It was fun listening to their conversation. Laura had polio as a baby and has never walked without the aid of crutches. Today she uses an electric cart.

Mel and Velda came about 1:00 – after their church’s fellowship meal.

I left about 1:30 PM – timing myself to go to the viewing/visitation for John Ebersole who died a few days ago following a massive stroke. I have known John and Dolores for many years (she made my wedding dress), and their children are friends with our children. The viewing began at 2:00 PM. I got there at 2:00 and the church was already filled with family and friends. I waited an hour and fifteen minutes to see the family.

It is always sad for a family to say goodbye to their husband and father.

Still A Bit Of Snow

Friday, November 28

1We had some errands to run today: Weaver’s Store (Fivepointville), Wal-Mart (Ephrata), and Landis Homes (Lititz) – including a short visit with Mother when there.

In some areas there was still some snow and ice on the ground.

2As we neared Landis Homes, we noticed the Amish were building a new barn. It wasn’t real large, so there only a few men working on it.

3There was a trailer with trusses and lumber on it at the end of the lane.

4 (1)

4 (2)When approaching a Landis Homes office entrance, I noticed some pretty ornamental cabbage.


After a quick stop at Wal-Mart, I was glad we didn’t have a lot of shopping to do. The store was full of people and lines were long. Weaver’s Store was quite busy as well. Cerwin needed to return a hunting item.

We spent the rest of the day at home, and at one point Cerwin noticed that our water heater was leaking. Consequently, I had to heat water tonight to clean up after supper. It isn’t a good weekend to discover we need a new water heater.

We may have to spend the weekend heating our water. Oh, well, it could certainly be worse. At least we have water. 🙂

Our Thanksgiving

Jere and Kristen provided the place and most of the food.

3The turkey

1 (1)Josiah showing his Aunt Chris a location on the map.

I think they may have been discussing some of the places he lived in the northwest during the past few months.

1 (2)Great-Grandpa and Anthony

1aPretty plates

1bAttractive decorations


2 (3)Name tags designed by Jana

2 (3a)Jesse is showing the inside of his name tag which said “Happy Thanksgiving.”

2 (4)There were twenty-two people at the tables today.

2 (4a)

2 (5)Jenna and Dustan

2 (6)Chris and Jeff

2aJordan tried on an Indian headdress (made by Jesse) as he waited for his turn to go through the buffet line.

2bAnthony enjoying lunch


4 (1)Turkey

4 (2)Cranberry salad

4 (3)Potatoes by Chris

4 (4)Sweet potatoes

4 (5)Stuffing/dressing/filling (whatever you call it)

4 (6)Green beans

4 (7)Dinner rolls by Abby

4 (8)Cerwin and I took the drink – a mixed orange punch and raspberry tea

5My plate

6 (1)Pies

6 (2)

6 (4)

6 (3)Fruit fluff

6 (5)Cakes by Deb – red velvet and chocolate

6 (6)Josh (holding Anthony) and Allie came after lunch. They were with her family this year.

6 (7)We enjoyed watching Anthony play with the plastic pumpkins.

6 (8)

6 (9)

6 (10)The living room was full of football fans.

7 (1)

7 (2)Ready to go home.

7 (3)It was one of our best Thanksgivings ever.

Thanks, Jere and Kristen for doing so much of the work.


Afterward we went to visit Cerwin’s mom, and even went to see Cerwin’s Aunt Bertha and Uncle John – in her room in Cedar. Bertha isn’t doing very well. It doesn’t appear that she has many days left on this earth.

John came back with us to see Mother (his sister). He hadn’t been to her room since she moved into Oregon House. Cedar and Oregon House are names of different sections of Landis Homes (all under the same roof) in personal and nursing care.

It was interesting to listen to Uncle John talk about his and Bertha’s upcoming 75th Wedding Anniversary in mid-December, which he thinks they will not celebrate because of her declining health.

He wrote a poem for their anniversary. He said it is the best poem he ever wrote.


It was a day to be thankful.

Snow On The Pumpkin

Wednesday, November 26

DSC_2718I had two bulk mailings ready to take to the post office in Lititz, and did that first thing this morning (8 AM) so I would beat the snow.

DSC_2722It began snowing as I was driving home.









DSC_2744Male cardinals always look pretty in the snow.



DSC_2753Females are pretty too, but not quite as brilliant.





DSC_2768Now where did I hide that nut.

DSC_2769Found it!



DSC_2777We didn’t get a lot of snow – just a few inches.

Enough to make it pretty outside.

It’s still snowing a bit as I post this.