Early Morning On Truck Rally Day

The day begins for us (the committee and several key Rally volunteers) at the 6:00 AM breakfast at Quentin Haus Family Restaurant.

01-DSC_2097Jere lead the prayer – for breakfast and the day’s activities.


03-DSC_2099We all get the same meal – so we can quickly eat and move on with the day’s activities.

This year I ordered eggs, bacon, toast, juice, coffee, and pastry.

04-DSC_2101By this point we just enjoy visiting, as all the planning, organizing, and scheduling has been done.

05-DSC_2102The newest committee – those participating in the “Blessing of the Trucks” – in prayer before trucks began arriving.


07-DSC_2109Jordan (our grandson) setting up auction tables.

08-DSC_2112Truck parkers in prayer

09-DSC_2115I heard Bruce asking God to give them grace to show the love of Christ to each driver and for the safety of everyone, especially all the children.

10-DSC_2116Truck registration

11-DSC_2119Chaplain Len giving a registration instruction card to a driver.

12-DSC_2121After asking for permission to pray for the driver and his truck, Len prayed a short blessing on this man and his rig.

13-DSC_2123A few drivers arrived during the early morning hours, but most began arriving after 9:00 AM.

16-DSC_2127There were dump trailers.



17-DSC_2129Drop decks


19-DSC_2131Curtain side (these unload from the side)


20-DSC_2133And…I not sure how to describe this one. 🙂

I knew as soon as I saw it that it was going to be my favorite of the day.

I think it could have qualified for the Cars movie.


More pictures tomorrow night.

The Days Leading Up To Truck Rally

The week before Truck Rally is extra busy for me as I receive many phone calls for meal tickets and prepare signs, reports, and other things for the committees’ needs for the big day.

However, I took time to take a few photos.

1Sunday, June 22 there was a thank you note in our church mail box that said, “Check the church refrigerator.”

Oh, wow! A fresh strawberry pie from Korina because I loaned her one of my camera lens for a wedding.

It was delicious! Call me again Korina when you need to borrow a lens. 🙂

It was a special treat during our busy week.

2 (1)A bird sang to me on Monday evening when I was outside with my camera.

2 (3)I could hear the distant sound of a jet flying overhead.

2 (2)Before long I enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

2 (4)The sky was totally different on Wednesday evening when an ominous-looking storm approached.

2 (5) We thought these clouds may produce a nasty storm, but we only got about an inch of rain.

3Truck Rally week is one time we keep our eye on the sky and weather reports – and were grateful to see that the rest of the week promised fairly clear skies.

3aFriday was warm and sunny, and many of our daisies were in full-bloom.

The schedule for Friday night begins with supper at Quentin Restaurant for many of those who are involved in setup.

4 (1)After that, one of the first jobs is to unload flowers and plants donated by Esbenshade Greenhouses.

4 (2)Josiah (left) and Randy (second from left) helping unload flowers.

The little guy is also one of Randy’s sons. The other gentleman was a camper who was already set up for the weekend.

It’s nice to have a trailer with a walking floor for this job, as a walking floor moves items toward the back and is often used for unloading items like mulch.

5 (1)Randy and Karen’s children did a great job of helping with this.

5 (2)


5 (4)Another Friday evening job is when Marv and Fay, Karen (daughter-in-law), granddaughters, and Saturday supper volunteers package 900 cookies.

5 (5)

5 (6)

5 (7)

5 (3)They also unpack the applesauce containers for easy pick up on Saturday night.

5 (8)Trash barrels must be set up in strategic locations around the buildings.

5 (9)I failed to get pictures of: Corby and Vanessa and their committee preparing the children’s activity area on North Lawn;  Frank and the vendors setting up in West Hall; the stage (a rig) being delivered to North Hall; Kristen organizing the information/ticket table in the entrance area; Jere, Gene, and Cerwin helping everyone with needed supplies and information; Barry directing campers to their spot; and several trucks arriving for the night.

5 (10)However, I did remember to get a picture of Rose surprising Gene with a birthday cake at Randy and Karen’s camper. That was fun. 🙂

5 (11)

5 (13)Rose serving cake and ice cream.

5 (12)

5 (10)I am going to use this picture a second time to tell my favorite Truck Rally story this year.

Gene had an exhausting, emotional few weeks, including the sudden death of his dad. When he got home from a delivery to the south, he thought, “I have nothing left in me. There is no way I can get my truck ready for the Truck Rally.”

Sometime later (I think it was the next day), after being away for a few hours, he went out to his truck, and looked at it in surprise. It was clean and polished!

It didn’t take him long to call Randy and ask if he had been to their place. Randy soon “confessed” that he and Josiah had washed and polished it.

That’s Christian love!

Randy and Josiah you not only made Gene’s truck shine – you made Jesus shine.

6As I was leaving the campground – behind the fairgrounds buildings – these trucks were beautifully silhouetted in the sunset.

6a (1)Father and son’s (Marv and Randy) twin rigs.

6a (2)Jason Shelly’s truck.

Tomorrow night I will post some of Saturday morning’s happenings.

A Saturday Evening Walk ~ With A Delicious Reward

Saturday, June 21, was a beautiful, early summer evening.

01-DSC_1908I was thinking about taking a walk when our granddaughter Jana called and asked if we wanted to come to their house for homemade ice cream at 6:30 PM.

Who can turn that down!

I left for my walk so I would arrive at their house about that time – taking the long way which is a bit more than one mile. (The short way is exactly one mile.)

02-DSC_1912I thought you may enjoy seeing some of the things I saw in our neighborhood.


04-DSC_1914Notice the rock on the right?

05-DSC_1917This is it close up.


07-DSC_1924Approaching the farm of our Amish neighbors.

09-DSC_1930They were in the driveway doing their Saturday evening cleanup, so after talking a bit I moved on. This is looking back at their place.







17-DSC_1943Just before taking this picture, I talked to neighbors who were working in their yard – and waved “hi” to a friend who was sweeping her walk.


18-DSC_1945I love how farmers in our neighborhood mow the grass strip between their crops and the road.


20-DSC_1949About the time I got to the point of the road – at the top of the picture – Cerwin came for me in our car because the ice cream was ready earlier than 6:30.

I took this picture from Jere and Kristen’s deck – while he was serving ice cream.




24-DSC_1959Oh, yum!

And there were fresh strawberries to go with it.

25-DSC_1961It was warm with only a slight breeze – a perfect evening for ice cream on the deck.

26-DSC_1965We left just as the sun was setting.

Corn Fields

Corn fields have been part of my life as long as I can remember.

1 (1)Here in Pennsylvania our fields are not at large as those in the mid-West, but none-the-less I enjoy watching the corn come up each spring and grow quite tall by late July.

1 (2)I found a plant that was off to the edge of the field and dug up the seed to see what it looked like. I was surprised at how long the roots were already.

1 (3)I am still not quite used to no-till corn, but it doesn’t take real long until the fields look nice and neat.

1 (4)I took the above photos on June 20 – about a week ago.

2I took the rest of the pictures this afternoon.

5-6-26-14 (3)It’s easy to see that the plants are taller and broader.

8-6-26-14 (6)There is only one field that surrounds our property – toward the west – that has alfalfa instead of corn.

9-DSC_2045When I stand in our driveway and look to the south – everything is corn beyond our yard.

7-6-26-14 (5)It won’t be many weeks until we lose our view for the summer, and I look forward to that, because I find it to be restful and peaceful to be surrounded by tall corn.