Taste of Maine

Saturday Evening, May 24

1a (1)It has been several years since we went to my favorite Maine restaurant, because it is closed during the winter ~ and we always visit in January. Our second visit is for the bluegrass festival on Labor Day weekend ~ and we always have things to do and places to eat at the festival.

1a (2)This visit made me want to start a new tradition of going to Maine each May.

1a (3)We enjoy going here with Mark and Diane.

1a (4)Yes, I think we will have to start a new tradition and go to Maine in May.

1a (5)One highlight of going to this restaurant is seeing the resident osprey.

1a (6)I think she is in the nest, because I caught a glimpse of movement.

1a (7)Yes, she is there ~ as displayed in the lobby by the live camera

1a (8)It appears that there are currently three eggs.

1a (9)I love the atmosphere of this place.

1a (10)

1a (11)We were pleased that there was a seat at the window overlooking Pleasant Cove.

1a (13)The tide was just beginning to come in.

1a (12)It was wonderful to enjoy a meal with Mark and Diane ~ one that neither of us had to grill or cook.

1a (14)Look what I ordered!

1a (15)Oh, my, this was delicious.

1a (16)The others got fairly ordinary meals.

1a (17)

1a (18)

3We enjoyed watching several gulls and birds ~ including this osprey search for food as the tide came in.

There are binoculars at each table.

2a The osprey in the nest began stirring ~ making her more visible.

2 After finishing our meal, Diane suggested that we take a back road drive to see what was on the other side of the cove.

Back road drives in a new area are one of my favorite things to do.

I’ll show you those pictures tomorrow night.

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  1. Wish I could hve been there with you. My mother was born in Augusta, Maine. We visited there once, in 1964. We were in Portland and also Rumford, and a lake somewhere..

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