Lydia’s Homeschool Graduation ~ Gifts & Campfire

Thursday, May 22

1 (1)Girlfriends

1 (2)

1 (3)Opening gifts

1 (4)


3 (2)With her friend ~ MaryEllen

3 (1)Emily

4 (2)Lydia

4 (1)Billie

3 (3)Sisters Alice and Franzi

4 (3)Rachel

4 (5)Heather

4 (4)Kari




DSC_0361I went out back to get a picture of the group around the fire pit ~ and of MaryEllen and Heze playing Othello.

It was dark ~ except for the fire ~ and my cameral flash lit up the area and startled the girls.


DSC_0369Heze won this one ~ I think. If I remember correctly, this was their second game in recent months and they agreed that they will need a third game to break the tie.

fWe were honored to be invited to Maine for this graduation celebration.

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