Scenic Drive Behind Pleasant Cove

Saturday Evening, May 24

1 (1)Diane is a daughter after my own heart.

As we were concluding our meal at Taste of Maine, she said, “Let’s go right at the end of the drive, then take the next right and see what is on the other side of the lake.”

1 (6)I love back roads, and it didn’t take long before we left the blacktopped road.

1 (2)Our first sighting of wildlife was a turkey.

1 (3)Then we saw the restaurant where we had just eaten.

1 (5)

1 (4)

1 (7)I love traveling over mountain roads.

1 (8)

1 (9)

1 (10)Many of the areas were lined with stone fences.

2This looked like a double-decker nest.

We weren’t sure if it was built by an eagle or an osprey, as both build new nests on top of old nests.

3 (2)We saw a few items ~ made out of scrap metal ~ designed by a man who lives in this area.

3 (1)There was a pair of turkeys near someone’s house.

We think they were being fed or eating birdseed.

4 (1)We came upon a rather tumbledown farm with a few friendly ducks.

4 (2)I think they were hoping that we had food for them.

5The guinea fowl wasn’t quite as friendly.

Oh, that was a fun drive.

Taste of Maine

Saturday Evening, May 24

1a (1)It has been several years since we went to my favorite Maine restaurant, because it is closed during the winter ~ and we always visit in January. Our second visit is for the bluegrass festival on Labor Day weekend ~ and we always have things to do and places to eat at the festival.

1a (2)This visit made me want to start a new tradition of going to Maine each May.

1a (3)We enjoy going here with Mark and Diane.

1a (4)Yes, I think we will have to start a new tradition and go to Maine in May.

1a (5)One highlight of going to this restaurant is seeing the resident osprey.

1a (6)I think she is in the nest, because I caught a glimpse of movement.

1a (7)Yes, she is there ~ as displayed in the lobby by the live camera

1a (8)It appears that there are currently three eggs.

1a (9)I love the atmosphere of this place.

1a (10)

1a (11)We were pleased that there was a seat at the window overlooking Pleasant Cove.

1a (13)The tide was just beginning to come in.

1a (12)It was wonderful to enjoy a meal with Mark and Diane ~ one that neither of us had to grill or cook.

1a (14)Look what I ordered!

1a (15)Oh, my, this was delicious.

1a (16)The others got fairly ordinary meals.

1a (17)

1a (18)

3We enjoyed watching several gulls and birds ~ including this osprey search for food as the tide came in.

There are binoculars at each table.

2a The osprey in the nest began stirring ~ making her more visible.

2 After finishing our meal, Diane suggested that we take a back road drive to see what was on the other side of the cove.

Back road drives in a new area are one of my favorite things to do.

I’ll show you those pictures tomorrow night.

Prayer Walking In Maine

When visiting ~ I try to find a least one morning when I can take a relaxing walk and breathe in some Maine air ~ and pray.

1 (1)I love to walk and notice what is going on around me.

1 (2)I thought about the sand that lines both sides of the road ~ because we are not far from several ocean inlets. At home our roads are lined with rich, brown soil.

1aThe train goes by their house fairly often ~ sometimes several times a day. At home I never see a train (or tracks) on my two-mile walk.

1b (1)Nor do I see lobster traps in the countryside where I live.

1b (3)About the time I saw this osprey nest ~ a delightful sight to my eyes ~ I looked up and saw the occupant fly away from a nearby tree.

1b (2)

1c (1)The next series of pictures is a display of some of the beautiful things I saw on my walk ~ as I give you an idea of how I pray for myself ~ every day.

1c (2)The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.  James 5:16 (The Message)

1c (3)Lord, I want my prayers to be something powerful to be reckoned with.

1c (4)I need your help today to stay focused on You.

1c (7)Empower me as I begin another day of active duty in spiritual warfare.

1c (6)Stay in my face – intrude in my life.

1c (10)Keep me from stupid sins, from thinking I can take over Your work.

1c (9)Because You are my shepherd – I have everything I need.

You WILL provide.

1c (8) Remind me that: Love is kind.

Love does not give up.

1c (5)If I want to embrace life and see this day fill up with good…

I must cultivate good.

I must run after peace for all I am worth.

1 Peter 3:10-2 (The Message)

1c (12)I love remembering that You are as close to me at the clothes I wear.

Romans 13:14 CEV

1c (11)I love setting my heart to serve you at the beginning of each day.

1c (13)I want to be a vessel of Your powerful Spirit

Part of the “bride of Christ”.

2 (1)Remind me to give up my own desires

to not plan my own rescue strategy

or our children’s rescue strategy

or our grandchildren’s rescue strategy.

I want to lay down my desires and let them go.

2 (2)I want to be a “Resurrection Person”

One who believes that hope rises from dead places

That impossible stones can be rolled away.


Lydia’s Homeschool Graduation ~ Gifts & Campfire

Thursday, May 22

1 (1)Girlfriends

1 (2)

1 (3)Opening gifts

1 (4)


3 (2)With her friend ~ MaryEllen

3 (1)Emily

4 (2)Lydia

4 (1)Billie

3 (3)Sisters Alice and Franzi

4 (3)Rachel

4 (5)Heather

4 (4)Kari




DSC_0361I went out back to get a picture of the group around the fire pit ~ and of MaryEllen and Heze playing Othello.

It was dark ~ except for the fire ~ and my cameral flash lit up the area and startled the girls.


DSC_0369Heze won this one ~ I think. If I remember correctly, this was their second game in recent months and they agreed that they will need a third game to break the tie.

fWe were honored to be invited to Maine for this graduation celebration.

Lydia’s Homeschool Graduation

Thursday Evening, May 22

DSC_0217Her graduation announcement.

DSC_0220We decorated a porch table with lilacs.

DSC_0223Lydia wanted Gerbera daisies on the tables.

DSC_0225Setting the dining room table.


DSC_0228The gift & card table


DSC_0232Flowers that Lydia made for the cake.


DSC_0236Hannah decorated Lydia’s chair.

DSC_0250The family and Hezekiah’s friend Peter ate in the dining room. Cerwin grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

DSC_0255Diane made a delicious salad of lettuce, cauliflower, bacon, and hard-cooked eggs ~ with a mayonnaise dressing.

DSC_0258I arranged the left-over fruit that we and Lydia brought home from vo-tech graduation the night before.

DSC_0249Lydia and her friends ate at a table that was set up in the living room. Lydia, Kari, Emily, Franzi, Lydia, Rachel, Heather, Billie, Alice, MaryEllen.


DSC_0261Kari helping adjust her cap and gown.

DSC_0262Mark reading her homeschool diploma.






DSC_0282More pictures tomorrow night.