Springtime Variety

Early April

DSC_6941I am enjoying springtime more than ever ~ after the l-o-n-g winter…

DSC_7205…and seeing flowers with fresh joy.

DSC_7193Sunshine on flowers is delighting my eyes.

DSC_7222Early one morning a pair of mallards came waltzing through our yard ~ also aware that it is springtime.

DSC_7727Cerwin raking and picking up thousands of nuts and shells from our shellbark trees ~ left behind by resident squirrels is another sign of springtime in our yard.

DSC_7429Then came April showers to nourish the earth ~ promising even more flowers.






DSC_7423At the end of one rainy day last week we were treated to a delicious meal by Jeff and Chris – along with her mother ~ at a local restaurant.

It was refreshing and relaxing.

Thank you.

DSC_7441As always happens ~ the sun came out again ~ bringing even more flowers to bloom.


My entire being is enjoying the love, hope, joy, warmth, rain, and flowers of springtime.

4 thoughts on “Springtime Variety

  1. What would do without Spring??
    P.S. Get ready for a tiny speedbump in the road toward full Spring — I have covered my lilacs and peonies tonight in preparation for a hard freeze.

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