My Afternoon Walk ~ Today

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for a two-mile-plus walk around the neighborhood.

DSC_7838I could see evidence that the trees are beginning to bud.

DSC_7842There are many small ground flowers along the road…

DSC_7844…including dandelion.

DSC_7846Pretty tulips in a neighbor’s yard.

DSC_7852A few more steps and I was in front of the cows.

DSC_7855A pretty daffodil.


My first stop was at Jere & Kristen’s place. I wanted to deliver a slice of chocolate/raspberry cake to her.

DSC_7857The children were outside but did not recognize me until I started walking across the yard – instead of going up the driveway. Jesse yelled, “Hey, guys. It’s grandma”, and came running. 🙂

DSC_7859Jake came running too ~ but his excitement doesn’t show on his face. 🙂

DSC_7862A neighbor girl who was visiting, Jared, and Jana also came when they saw it was me.

After delivering the slice of cake ~ to Kristen’s surprise and delight ~ I visited a bit before continuing my walk.

DSC_7865These were along the road in a neighbor’s yard. I am not able to identify them. (My friend Inge identified them as grape hyacinth – and I agree with her from her internet photo. Thanks, Inge.)

The neighbor came home just after I walked by her driveway, and pulled up beside me to talk a bit. She knows that I am a fair-weather walker and acknowledged that I had chosen the perfect day for my first walk of the season.

DSC_7868Another neighbor was out for a horseback ride.

She also stopped to visit.

DSC_7869She was on her way to ride horse with a few neighbors ~ just beyond Jere and Kristen’s house.

DSC_7872From this spot I could see our house across the fields.

DSC_7879This neighbor was leaving for a motorcycle ride.

DSC_7884A closeup of the tree that is behind him in the previous picture.

DSC_7887Getting ready to mow yard.

DSC_7888I love his old truck.

DSC_7892These little guys made lots of noise as I walked by their yard.

DSC_7896Chickens enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

DSC_7898Reading on the trampoline while a mule grazed nearby.

DSC_7899Another guy on a cycle

DSC_7906.The Pennsylvania Turnpike across a field of corn stubbles.

DSC_7910An American flag beyond the trees.


DSC_7914Daffodils in a yard ~ just before I turned onto our road.

DSC_7919The forsythia bush on the property next to us is just beginning to bloom.


I love our country neighborhood.

I wish you could have come along.