April 1 ~ Waxing Crescent Moon

I love to see the moon on a dark clear night.

DSC_7215The moon phase calendar tells me it was a “waxing crescent” moon on April 1.

4% of it was visible and it was 2 days after new moon.

DSC_7216Though the moon is ever-changing to our eyes with its waxing and waning, it is still the same moon that God set in place on Day 4 of creation.

Sometimes it’s good to stop and think about that.

DSC_7217It’s the same moon that Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Joseph looked at in their night skies.

…the same moon the children of Israel saw when they celebrated their new moons.

…the same moon that stood still in Joshua 10.

…the same moon that David wrote about in Psalms.

…the same moon that Jesus and his disciples saw.

…and the very same moon that everyone has seen and studied since the beginning of time.

DSC_7218Isn’t it amazing that you and I can see the same moon – on the same clear night – at the same time.

And when I see it in daytime – and you live on the other side of the world in darkness – we are seeing the same moon.

Amazing! Just amazing!

5 thoughts on “April 1 ~ Waxing Crescent Moon

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts about the moon. I guess I had never thought about it being the same one that all the people of the Bible saw and the same one that all the people of the Earth have studied down through the ages.

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