The Piano Recital – Miscellaneous

In my entry yesterday, I wanted to focus on the recital and each student, so didn’t post these. 1 (1)Jared before the recital. He wanted a suit – would have really liked “tails” – because that is how Tom and Jerry dress for recitals. 🙂

Yes, the cartoon characters.

1 (2)Jere took him to Salvation Army where they found this three-piece suit for $2.99 – perfect for Jared. The most expensive part of the outfit was getting it dry cleaned.

1 (3)Janna – looking pretty before the recital.

1 (4)

1aIan and Jared during intermission. It looks like Ian is playing a cell phone game.

1 (5)

2a (2)Jesse was in charge of babysitting Roy and Deb’s newly rescued squirrel. Someone noticed this baby in their yard the other evening, but thought the mother may come back for her, so left her there overnight. (Poor little thing.) She was very cold and close to death when Deb got her.

2a (3)Jesse liked when she sucked on his hand.

DSC_7365Jared with his teacher – Rachel – following the recital.

DSC_7368Rachel and Jana

DSC_7371As we were leaving the building, I noticed these pretty fresh flowers in the entrance area.

DSC_7377After arriving at Jere and Kristen’s house, I noticed a few pretty crocus.

DSC_7375Kristen hadn’t noticed the blooms, so it must have been the first day they were open.


DSC_7383A cute decoration at their front door entrance.

DSC_7387While we waited for supper, Deb fed Cheri with a feeding syringe and special nipple which is supposed to be similar to a mother squirrel.


DSC_7388Ian enjoyed helping.

~~~ More pictures tomorrow night.

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