Church Baseball Tournament & Fundraiser ~ Part 1

Saturday, April 26

1 (1)I was glad we had the day open this year to relax and spend time watching church friends ~ especially our grandsons Jordan and Nate (above) play. Jordan plays for Gray and will be featured later.

1 (2)It was a beautiful day for this event ~ which brings out many church families and those who enjoy baseball.

We have three ball teams ~ Gray, Red, and Orange ~ plus Retro Red a team made up of ex-players. The tournament lasts all day as they vie for the title of winner.

Proceeds from donations and the food go to people (usually from our church) who have special financial needs at the time of the tournament.

1 (3)

1 (7)Nate

1 (8)

1 (4)Running toward third base.

1 (5)

1 (6)Safe!

1 (9)

1 (10)Congratulating each other at the end of this game.

1 (11)

1 (14)

1 (13)

1 (12)Pep talk by the coach.

1 (16)

1 (15)The children enjoyed the playground while parents visited nearby. 

1 (18)Nate participated in the homerun derby.

1 (19)The four winners with their prizes. We were proud of Nate for coming in second and receiving a deluxe folding chair.

1 (20)

1 (21)After Nate and his friend Brent checked out the features ~ a small table on one side and a cooler on the other ~ they tried to figure out how to fold it. 🙂

1 (22)They eventually got it!

1 (23)Then it was back to the game.

1 (17)More pictures tomorrow night.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre ~ Friday Evening, April 25

Dinner and the play “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers” was our gift to any of our children and grandchildren who wanted to go along to celebrate their 2014 birthday. It was also our family celebration for Cerwin’s birthday.

DSC_8328Jesse and Jared entertained themselves with the overhead mirrors while we waited for the theatre doors to open. 🙂

DSC_8331Depending on how they moved, it looked like they had two heads.

DSC_8332After being ushered to our tables, we enjoyed a delicious dinner.

DSC_8334Nate, Josh, Allie (hidden), Jana, Jenna, and Gloria looking over the program.


DSC_8336Ian, Jared, Jesse, Cerwin, me, Dee (a friend), Deb and Roy were at the table next to them. You can see Jere and Kristen at the table to the left.

DSC_8338Nathaniel and Abby shared their table.

DSC_8339A broader shot of our three tables.

DSC_8343Jesse sneaking some of Nate’s coffee.

DSC_8343aDeb bought Cerwin and herself a virgin pina colada. I asked them to pose for a photo.


DSC_8341By 7:30 it was time to relax and enjoy the play.

Seven Brides 2

This is a photo from Dutch Apple’s website. If you are not familiar with Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, it is a humorous 1954 musical.

Setting: 1850 Oregon

Storyline: Adam, the eldest of seven brothers, goes to town to get a wife. He convinces Milly to marry him that same day. They return to his backwoods home. Only then does she discover he has six brothers – all living in his cabin. Milly sets out to reform the uncouth siblings, who are anxious to get wives of their own. Then, after reading about the Roman capture of the Sabine women, Adam develops an inspired solution to his brothers’ loneliness.

It was delightful and funny with fabulous singing and dancing.

Celebrations On The Day Of Cerwin’s Birthday

Tuesday, April 22

DSC_8638Cerwin was out of the house early, because Jere came to take him out for breakfast and then to Cabela’s. I wasn’t alert enough to think of taking a picture of them. His birthday gift to himself was new shoes and a field camera.

DSC_8304Since we were having a family celebration later in the week, I made plans to have supper at Landis Homes ~ with his Mother and Pennsylvania siblings. As you can see by the above photo, Lititz is beautiful this time of year.

DSC_8316Cherry Blossoms.

While we waited on the others to arrive, I went outside to take pictures in a Landis Homes courtyard.



DSC_8318Mel, Velda (sister), Pat, Elvin (brother), Mother, and Cerwin

We enjoyed a delicious and wonderful evening, and it was fun surprising Cerwin by inviting his brother and sister.

When we arrived, Pat was sitting in her car waiting on Elvin – as they came directly from work. Cerwin said, “That looks like Pat.” I replied, “Isn’t that interesting.” He looked at me and said, “I believe you pulled one over on me.” 🙂

Eating in a senior care facility is much quieter than eating in a restaurant ~ making it nice for having good conversation.

DSC_8320Mother asked the kitchen staff to sing Happy Birthday to him.

DSC_8323What fun to have Uncle John join them. He was in the dining room and coming over to our table as the staff came to sing. Uncle John is 98 and is Mother’s oldest living sibling. Mother is 96.

DSC_8327There was a short, heavy rainstorm while we ate supper. It even included some hail.


What fun to celebrate with Cerwin’s family in this way.

The Moon

The other night when the moon was bright, I went outside to get a picture.

1 (1)The position of the moon made it difficult to get a clear photo of it without being obstructed by tree branches.


1 (2)After I got a fairly good one, I realized that the moon would be pretty with tree branches in front of it, and tried a few new angles.





DSC_7978Good night moon.

A Beautiful Spring Day

These pictures are left over in my file from about a week and a half ago.

A Pretty Spring Day (1)On this kind of morning, I am glad we live in the country and I can walk around our yard in a house coat – at least in the backyard. 🙂

A Pretty Spring Day (3)It was warm, a bit foggy, and trees were just beginning to bud.

A Pretty Spring Day (2)

A Pretty Spring Day (4)The moon was still bright and high in the sky.

A Pretty Spring Day (5)

A Pretty Spring Day (6)

A Pretty Spring Day (7)Hyacinth were blooming in woodsy areas where we had not yet cleaned up the debris from fall and winter.

A Pretty Spring Day (8)

A Pretty Spring Day (9)Perennials were beginning to push up through the leaves in our memory garden.

A Pretty Spring Day (10)We are going to have a lot of sticks and branches to pick up in getting the pavilion ready for summer.

A Pretty Spring Day (12)Mayapples were just beginning to show tender sprouts across the woods floor.

A Pretty Spring Day (11)Pretty flowers on one of the bushes in front of our house.

A Pretty Spring Day (14)After supper I went outside again.

A Pretty Spring Day (16)As I walked around the house, I noticed the setting sun.

A Pretty Spring Day (15)This maple tree will soon have leaves.

A Pretty Spring Day (17)Oh it was a glorious evening!

A Pretty Spring Day (18)   I love beautiful, warm spring days!