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  1. Dear Doris, I am hoping you might be able to help me out and I know it is a long shot. years ago I was blogging on Xanga and was a regular follower of Cordy–ThreeJoys. She had shared in 2011 about the perpetual calendar that she had received. We had communicated several times about how to make one and she had actually sent me one that was a 30 day one that you had at one of your church functions. I still use it to this day!!

    Did you ever get the chance to see her perpetual calendars? I am curious if the 4×6 cards came with the dates already on them, as in purchased that way, or if they were put on with a sticker somehow afterwards. I have searched many a time to find them with the dates printed and have had no success. If you have any information regarding these calendars or have a contact for Cordy I would greatly appreciate it.

    My church is finally ready to start making these calendars for our Missionary families and I have two other ladies that will coordinate the underrating with me. Thank you so much for your time.
    In Christ,
    Melissa Donovan dono7695@bellsouth.net

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