Mud Sale ~ Final Photos

 Saturday, March 15

I have a few more pictures to help you visualize what it was like to attend our local mud sale.

a (2)Outside wagonload sale

a (5)Outside the furniture tent.

a (4)There were some “interesting” things in the field rows.

a (6)

a (3)

b (1)I went back to the animal pens because there were too many people there during my first visit.

b (2)

b (3)

b (4)

b (5)


d (1)This little guy was mesmerized with the calves.

He stood there for a long time without moving.

d (2)Even when his dad talked to him, he didn’t move.

e (2)I am fascinated with carriages, but since I don’t have a horse, I didn’t bid on any. 🙂

e (1)

e (3)

e (4)I had never seen inside a buggy, so opened the door and was surprised by the beautiful interior.

f (3)

f (2)Notice the second seat.

g (3)Cerwin was disappointed that I didn’t take a picture of the dashboard.

g (1)I was parked at our nieces home not far from the back field, so my last pictures were taken when I stopped and turned around to look at the line of straw, hay, and corn fodder bales.

g (2)

g (4)Our small village comes alive with buggies, cars, buses, and people on this day.

g (5)People park their vehicles anywhere there is a spot (and it’s not roped off), and shuttle buses take people back and forth from the fire hall to several local churches – including  ours.

g (6)After I got home, Cerwin and I shared one of the delicious (cream-filled) donuts I had purchased.

So ended my annual visit to the mud sale.

6 thoughts on “Mud Sale ~ Final Photos

  1. It looks as if mud sales are an excellent way to accomplish spring cleaning — both to sell things one no longer needs and to sell things made during the long winter. The carriages are wonderful — but it looks as if there’s not much room between the front and back seats in the buggy! Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots!

  2. I always love to follow your annual mud sale! It fascinates me! This year, I was at a quilt retreat when you were posting these. I saw on my phone that you had posted, but waited until I got home to see all of your pictures so that I could enjoy them on my desktop. Thanks for sharing!

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