Mud Sale Quilts and Young Entrepreneurs

Saturday, March 15

Quilts (1)My view of people as I walked toward the quilt tent.

Quilts (2)

Quilts (3)

Quilts (4)The auctioneer was selling small quilted items when I was there, so I had to settle for pictures of the few quilts that were hanging or those folded neatly on the rack.

Quilts (5)

Quilts (6)

Quilts (7)

Quilts (8)

Quilts (9)

Quilts (10)

Quilts (11)

Quilts (12)

Quilts (13)After visiting the quilt tent, I again walked through the food area.

Quilts (14)

Quilts (15)Then I went on to observe the wagon-load auctions.

Quilts (16)This one seemed to be of interest to collectors ~ sports cards, model trucks, etc.

Quilts (17)Young entrepreneurs could be seen in most areas of the property – looking for someone who needed their items delivered to a car, buggy, or waiting shuttle bus.

I don’t think they charged for their service, but hoped for a tip.

Quilts (18)The shrubbery and flower sale was going on as I approached.

Quilts (19)

Quilts (20)These two were transporting a load of plants for someone.

Quilts (21)I didn’t notice the tag on back of the wagon until I cropped this picture ~ so cropped the tag and darkened it to see what it said.

Quilts (22)

Quilts (23)Another set of young delivery boys. It appeared that they were working for the lady on the left.

Quilts (24)There will be one more set of pictures tomorrow night.

2 thoughts on “Mud Sale Quilts and Young Entrepreneurs

  1. The Amish quilts are so beautiful — it’s a shame that you were not able to photograph some of the larger ones, but those you did are wonderful 🙂 ! I love the little boys and their entrepreneurial approach to helping people!

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