A Baby Shower For Kevin & Becca

Cerwin and I were honored to be invited to this celebration ~ the first baby for our nephew and his wife.1 (1)Becca, her mom, sister, and friends did a great job of making it a delightful afternoon.

1a (1)

1a (3)

1a (4)Becca (back to camera) and her mom attending to some lunch details.

1b (8)While the ladies were getting things ready, Kevin entertained his niece Elyse, who I think just got these sunglasses.

I think it was during this picture that Kevin was telling a funny story about why Elyse called him Uncle Potty ~ at least for one day!

During a visit with Rob, Jesse, and Elyse, Elyse was looking for Kevin. When someone said he was in the potty, she began calling him Uncle Potty. 🙂

1b (2)Elyse showing her cup to Dot ~ Kevin’s aunt and my sister-in-law.

1b (4)

1b (3)She is at an age where she knows when she is the center of attention and began twirling and going in circles until she was dizzy.

1cElyse’s parents, Rob and Jessie, talking to Kevin. (Kevin and Jess are siblings). I think it looks like Rob is keeping an eye on Elyse.

1caWhile lunch was being prepared, I took a few pictures of decorations and gifts.

1b (9)

1b (1)

1b (5)

1b (6)


1cbBecca’s brother-in-law and dad were in the kitchen keeping a eye on things as I looked for photo ops.

1b (7)Gifts waiting to be opened.


1e (1)

1e (4)


1e (2)Tomorrow night I will show you some more guests and the delicious luncheon.

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