Theatre Equus ~ Part 2

Friday, February 28

Harrisburg Farm Show Complex and Expo Center with Gloria and Ashley.

1 (60)This section of the show was entitled “Language of Dance” and was inspired by the creative expression of the relationship between horse and rider.

1 (67)It was performed by Julio Mendoza and his Friesian Stallion Maurus Sport.

1 (71)“Land of Fire and Ice” was performed by Gudmar Petursson and Laura Benson.

1 (73)Gudmar is originally from Iceland and now resides in Kentucky. Laura runs an Icelandic horse operation in California when she’s not in Iceland completing her degree.

1 (75)“World Champ Aussies” was an interesting performance by Guy McLean who has been named an official Ambassador of the Outback. He is amazing in his relationship with his ranch horses.

1 (94)Tommie Turvey was back with his Paint horse Pokerjoe. Pokerjoe is known as the funniest horse under saddle.

1 (95)

1 (90)“Behind the Mask” was a colorful performance with beautiful Friesians and riders.

1 (87)Julio Mendoza came back in the arena with his Lusitano gelding, Xairel, and demonstrated a show of incredible trust between horse and man.

1 (78)Tommie Turvey and Joker and Ace came back, and again communicated how horses will take a cue from someone they trust.

1 (96)Then Bobby Kerr and his mustang, Poncho, entertained us again.

1 (98)

1 (99)Their portion was so much fun.

1 (106)Guy Mclean and his Australian bred horses Hope, Sequel, Spinabbey, and Aussie were an amazing blend of horse and man. He just talked to them and they came to him and did and went where he asked.

I never saw anything like it.

1 (107)The finale was an amazing display of trick riding by Tommie Turvey and his horse Joker.

1 (108)

1 (110)

1 (111)Tommie closed by riding around the exterior of the area, shaking hands with those near the front. When he came toward us Ashley went front and shook hands with him. (We were in the third row.)

1 (113)Tommie was signing autographs when we left, and since we were close to the front of the line, Ashlea asked if she could get an autograph. Cerwin went with her – and Tommie suggested a photo.

It was a super great evening!

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