Horse World Expo With Gloria & Ashlea ~ Part 2

Friday, February 28

Harrisburg Farm Show Complex and Expo Center

DSC_6159The little guy in red looked like he may have only been 8-10 years old. He was a great horseman.

We think the others in the arena at the same time – with the same breed of horses were his family.

DSC_6161These pictures were also taken in the Equine Arena.

DSC_6163These were all rescued horses – and some were available for adoption.



DSC_6170They had fun with the ponies by releasing them, then seeing how long it would take to entice them to come for food and be “captured.”





DSC_6184I was fascinated by the Tennessee Walkers and these ladies who rode side-saddle.


DSC_6188They used long strips of cloth to demonstrate why the Tennessee Walker was popular for use in cotton fields because they can walk a very straight and narrow row without stepping on the cotton.

DSC_6193Those conducting the demonstration laid the strips about 3 feet apart and eventually had them only 18 inches apart.

DSC_6191When at 18 inches they had them run faster with each round.

DSC_6190It was amazing to watch.

DSC_6189With tomorrow night’s pictures we will move to the Large Arena and the evening program “Theatre Equus.”

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