Supper At RD’s and Roy & Deb’s Animals

Saturday Evening, February 22

1 (1)We met Roy and Deb here so we could spend an evening with them and his sister, Mary, who was visiting from Florida.

1 (2)

1b (1)We had a great time visiting and eating. I only photographed the desserts. Deb and I got crème brulee (as usual).

1b (2)Cerwin’s apple pie.

If I remember correctly, Roy chose to not get dessert.

1aIt was Mary’s dessert that got our attention. It was Peaches and Cream Pie and looked delicious. She said it was!


Deb forgot some boxes of magazines that we were supposed to pick up for a friend at church, so we went back to their house after supper. (They live only a few miles away.)


1d (1)The good thing about that is – we were able to visit with their animals.

Those who read my blog on a regular basis know that they care for rescued animals. Most are released, but some cannot be released for various reasons.

1d (2)Annie Oakley is a prairie dog.

1e (1)Presley was very close to death as a baby and has emotional issues that keep her from being released.

1e (2)

1f (1)They thought Luna was ready for release last fall with a group of other raccoons, but she wouldn’t stay in the woods. She kept following them home.

1f (2)They take her out to the woods every weekend, but she keeps coming home with them. 🙂


DSC_6033Keebler came out from under the bed – reluctantly – as he prefers sleeping this time of year.



They also have another skunk (Hershey), but he would not come out from under the couch.


DSC_6040Jimmy Doolittle – a flying squirrel


DSC_6045Skippi Rae was one of their first rescues.

DSC_6049It was fun watching and listening to her eat a nut.

DSC_6054Harley didn’t cooperate real well with being photographed.


2 (1)Batman is the one who amazed me as I hadn’t seen him since he was a scrawny kitten – a few days after someone found him near death.

DSC_7157Yes, this is the same cat! This picture was taken last October.

2 (2)He is beautiful and sleek.

It was a great evening. Thanks Deb for forgetting the magazines so we could visit with the animals again.


9 thoughts on “Supper At RD’s and Roy & Deb’s Animals

  1. awww. I just love these animals’! I so enjoy reading Deb’s Nut Hut update. I feel like I know all the “fur” babies personally.

  2. I love pure black cats. My Grandpa was very superstitious, and if a black cat walked across the road in front of him, he would turn around. Good thing I’m not superstitious. On day a black cat walked in front of me, and before she got to the middle of the road, she stopped and looked right at me before continuing her journey. I laughed, since there was no danger for her on that back road. Good thing my Grandpa wasn’t with me. He would have had a fit!

    Love your animal photos. Well, I love all your photos!

  3. I just got caught up on your blog posts. This one takes the cake. I cannot imagine living with all these animals, but they are adorable, and I’m glad there are people like Deb and Roy to give them the love and care they need.

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