A Special Birthday Cake For Abby

DSC_5896I think it was at the baby shower/birthday party the day before that we learned my niece Karen was baking donuts on Monday, February 17. She told us to stop in for some on the way home from our tea. (I expect her mom and sisters were also involved in the baking. They usually are.)

Karen was generous and gave us enough for supper. Diane thought that they would make a nice birthday cake for Abby.

Is there anything better that fresh, homemade, raised, glazed donuts?

DSC_5895We invited Abby and Nate for supper so she wouldn’t have to cook on her birthday – and so we could celebrate with her.

DSC_5903Opening cards and gifts.


DSC_5911This large Thirty-On tote was from her parents and siblings.

DSC_5913There were 22 gifts inside as she was celebrating her 22nd birthday.


How well I remember 22 years ago. I drove to Maine to be with the three older children while Diane was in the hospital and during her first few days at home. – taking Mary (a friend) along to visit her family and friends. It began snowing by the time we got to Massachusetts and by the time I dropped Mary off with her friends, there was about six inches of snow on the ground – and I still had something like six or seven miles to travel, on unfamiliar, back roads. At the time Mark and Diane lived in a farm house near Durham. 

I remember the relief I felt when I saw their house. Their driveway was uphill, so I gunned it and happily came to a stop in front of their house.




DSC_5923After gifts were opened and supper dishes were cleared from the table, we labeled Highway News for TFC.

DSC_5925I had this job scheduled for Thursday, but after finding out that Diane and the Maine grandchildren would be here on Tuesday, I asked if they would like to help. They thought it sounded like something they would enjoy.

DSC_5927So I cancelled the four helpers who were going to come on Thursday.

DSC_5929Then the girls decided that they want to go shopping on Tuesday, so it was decided that we would work on the labeling after supper.

DSC_5930Because there were so many helpers, we were finished in about one hour.

DSC_5933It was fun listening to the conversation. I think Diane enjoyed having all six of her children in one place. (I know that feeling.)

DSC_5934Heze on the computer when the labeling was finished. He was on spring break from college in Presque Isle, Maine.


I went to bed early, but they did not. Before falling asleep, I could hear them talking and laughing.

I love the sound of laughter.

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  1. The sound of our childrens’ laughter is the best of all. I haven’t had fresh doughnuts for a long time. You’re right. They are soo good!

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