Lancaster Chapter 42nd Annual Dinner Concert

Saturday evening, March 29

Yoder’s Restaurant, New Holland, Pennsylvania

1 (1)Welcome by Gene Gehman, owner-operator/truck driver and Lancaster Chapter member.

1 (2)Larry Rohrer, founder of Rohrer Family Companies, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, Ben Franklin Plumbing, and Mr. Sparky Electric, gave the invocation by praying a Psalm of blessing on the evening and on Transport For Christ.

1 (3)After our salads were finished, there was the “grand entrance” of 32 waitresses ~ each with a cart full of food to serve her table.


. –3Fried chicken is a favorite at this banquet. We also had beef tips & gravy, buttered noodles (a yearly must), potato filling, peas & carrots, and cole slaw ~ with shoofly or cherry pie and ice cream for dessert.

4 (1)This is what a room filled with 728 people looks like.

4 (4)

4 (3)TFC is indeed blessed by the many people who pray for and support the ministry.

4 (2)

4 (5)The highlight of the evening was a concert by Margaret and Amos Raber from Wakarusa, Indiana.

4 (6)Amos is a truck driver who writes some of their songs ~ usually about the gospel or family life.

One of the favorites in their first set was The Truckin’ Song which Amos wrote. I could see drivers everywhere smiling as he sang about “chicken lights” and “looking cool in the stool.”

5 (1)Following their first set of songs, Bunny O’Hare, Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, introduced the chaplains in attendance and thanked the Lancaster Chapter committee for their good work in putting the banquet together.

5 (3)He closed by sharing some ministry stats and testimonies.

4 (6a)Some of us in the front caught a glimpse of this cute little one looking in the front door of the banquet room – from the outside hallway.

4 (7)Until his mother or an older sibling saw what he was doing. 🙂

5 (4)Cerwin gave some information on chapel construction and about the strong interest for a chaplain/chapel ministry in Paraguay and Brazil ~ which is being processed by Kevin Scott, Assistant Director of Overseas Ministries.

5 (5)He closed with prayer for the offering.

6 (3)Amos shared his testimony ~ on how he came to understand salvation through Christ when a friend cared about his soul and gave him preaching tapes to listen to while he was trucking.

Not too long after his salvation, he married his girlfriend (who received Christ as her savior about the same time as Amos). Then he told how she was tragically killed in a car accident when they were coming home from their honeymoon ~ seven days after their wedding. She lived only two days after the accident.

Margaret did not share her testimony publically, but several months before Amos’ first wife was killed, Margaret’s boyfriend was killed in a plane crash.

6 (2)Both experiences were life-changing for them. They met (I think he said a year or two later) and are married with four young children.

6 (1)We knew they were going to close with a salvation message and invitation, so when it was almost closing time, we were a bit surprised when he said, “As I prayed about a song for this place in the program, this is the song that God gave me – and I have never sung it publically.”

There were lots of smiles when he sang the first two verses of “Give Me Forty Acres and I’ll Turn This Rig Around.”

Those of us in attendance will never listen to that song in the same way again!

When he was finished he said, “That is what I needed ~ forty acres to turn my life around. And there may be some in this room who also need forty acres to turn their life around.”

He closed with prayer for those who need to change their course in life.


We received several comments from people who said it was the best banquet ever. That is certainly music to our ears.

Helicopter Patrol

The other day I heard a very loud noise outside and noticed a helicopter flying very low.

DSC_6859Two possibilities quickly went through my mind:

  1. They were in trouble.
  2. They were looking for someone? We live close to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and at times low-flying helicopters are in our area looking for someone who is running away from police.


But when it appeared that they were hovering over electric lines, I zoomed in and affirmed that they were with PPL (a local electric provider) and were probably examining electric lines.

DSC_6860I checked online and read this:

Routine helicopter patrols of all transmission lines are conducted every year, as well as more comprehensive aerial inspection on a four-year cycle.

DSC_6857From helicopter patrols, they use laser beams to measure the distances between transmission power lines and any obstructions, like trees. It’s called LIDAR technology.

PPL maintains 35,000 miles of overhead distribution lines across its system.


Where Are All The Birds?

Monday, March 17

DSC_6843I wonder why the birds aren’t coming by today.

DSC_6840I have been sitting here for fifteen minutes. Still nothing.

DSC_6845It’s such a strange thing. They aren’t coming to the other feeders either.

DSC_6844Yawn! This is getting boring.

DSC_6839Maybe I ‘m not being subtle enough. Do you think I should go back to my usual hiding place in the bushes?

Breakfast At The Brickerville House

Saturday Morning, March 22

1This has become an annual breakfast for us ~ the morning after Living Hope Native Ministries Banquet.

2 (1)We knew we were in for a bit of a wait when there were people standing outside waiting. There was also a fairly large group of people waiting inside.

2 (3)It was a nice (but cold) morning for us ~ Eva, Ray, Orpha, Gary, Merle, Cerwin, and me ~ to visit outside until our restaurant beeper went off.

2 (2)We had a great time of fellowship and catching up on Merle’s life ~ while waiting and later during our meal.

Ray and Eva and Gary and Orpha had also been team leaders for youth groups who taught summer Bible school at Pikangikum, and there just isn’t enough time to visit with Merle at the banquet.

3As our waitress (above) served us and heard a bit of our conversation, she mentioned that she recognized Merle because she had been at Red Lake on a short-term mission project – I think it was teaching Bible school at Popular Hill.

DSC_6888We treasure our friendships and mornings like this.

It is our dream to go back to Red Lake and maybe Pikangikum with Ray, Eva, Gary, and Orpha. Maybe next summer.