My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ Visiting & Gifts

1 (1)After letting Nate and Abby know that the afternoon was a family baby shower, decorations had to be changed.

1 (2)The birthday banner (designed by Kristen) was moved to another part of our garage.

1 (3)Cerwin’s mother demonstrates her great sense of humor.

1 (4)And before long the decorations had changed.

1a (1)

1a (3)

1a (2)

1a (4)In the kitchen Lydia was putting the finishing touches on the crème brulee cup cakes.

1a (5)

1bGuests began arriving about 2:00 p.m. This is Abby’s other grandparents – our son-in-law, Mark’s parents.

We were pleased that they were able to come as they live an hour and a half away, and he had a recent hospital experience.

1a (6)Abby’s mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, and mother-in-law set up the food table.

1a (6b)

1a (6a)Nate and Abby used cowboy boots in their birth announcement, so there were cowboy boot candies.  Pink and blue were used as they do not plan to learn the sex of their baby until it is born.

1a (3a)

1cBefore long our garage filled with members of Cerwin’s and my family, and I soon learned that it was a bit more than a baby shower.

1dThe invitation said, that this is a baby shower for Nate and Abby, a time to visit Diane and her family – and since it was my 70th birthday, please give Mom a birthday hug. 🙂

1ddWatching Nate and Abby open gifts.

1e (1)A few people did more than give me a hug! This unique birdhouse was from my sister and her husband.

1e (2)

1fCerwin’s mother wanted a closer look. Elizabeth helped me describe it to her because of her poor eyesight.

1g (1)Melita (Nathaniel’s sister),Chris and Jenna.

Diane did an amazing job of making three scrapbooks from our family cruise in 2012 and brought them along to Pennsylvania.

1g (2)Amy and Abby (pregnant relatives). Amy is my sister’s daughter. Abby is due in early May and Amy in early June.

1g (3)

1ggOpening cards and gifts.


A few fun photos from the afternoon – from Deb’s camera

1hCousins – Jana and Diana, and Elizabeth in the background.

a (28)Bryson and Deb. (Are they cousins once removed since he is the son of her cousin.?)

1hhI love this picture that Deb took of our mothers.

a (24)Cerwin’s mother and her great-grandson Bryson.

a (25)Oh, the treasure of family generations.


After everyone left I surveyed my gifts, and thought you may like to see them too.

a (30)There were gift cards and certificates, the bird house, food, perfume, and a few other things. And I bet you think that black thing is a camera lens.

a (32)It’s a coffee cup – from Roy and Deb.

a (34)I also wanted to show you this homemade scrubby – made by Jill (a friend from Maine). It is cloth on one side…

a (33)…and scrubby on the other side.

a (31)Another close up of the bird house. Where do people get these creative ideas?


Oh, what a fun afternoon.

12 thoughts on “My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ Visiting & Gifts

  1. You have the most creative family! The decorations, the cupcakes, the gifts – what fun! I’ll take a creme brulee cupcake, please! 🙂 And I have a very similar “camera” coffee cup – given to me for Christmas by one of my son-in-laws. I love it because not only is it very unique, but it is shorter (mine is, anyway) than any of those other travel cups and easier for me to pick up from the cup holder in the car.

  2. What wonderful gifts and what a blessed Birthday you’ve had. Thank you for sharing it all with us blog readers! Creme Brulee delicious looking. What a cool gift the camera coffee mug was and so apropos! .

  3. My goodness, your birthday goes on and on. I love the idea of a combination birthday and baby shower for 2 different people! And the creme brulee cupcakes and the bird house are magnificently creative. What a family you have!

  4. I had to come back and comment on the great grandmothers — they seem to be having a wonderful time at this party — a great shot of two wonderful women enjoying themselves in every thread of their bodies!

  5. Oh my, I just LOVE the birdhouse!!! too cute ~ I saw a picture the other day of one made out of their husband’s old workshoe ~ it had the entrance hole on the toe part of the shoe and was to be fastened to a tree with the toe pointing downward ~ you are right ~ where do they GET these great ideas? 🙂
    And is there any chance you have a recipe for the cremé brulée cupcakes?

  6. Bryson looks very content with his great grandma. The picture of the 2 ladies is wonderful! I never could figure out that cousin once removed vs. first cousin, 2nd cousin, etc. Confusing. Your birthday just goes on and on………’s a good thing you don’t get a year older every time they give you a party!

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