My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ A Gift From Maine & A Hint Of Another Gift

Friday, February 14

Because this was a beautiful winter day ~ and Valentine’s Day ~ I am including other pictures from the day.

1It was a beautiful Valentine’s Day morning.


1bSnow that had fallen in previous days was being carefully sculpted by the wind.



1e (4)

1e (1)The bright sun highlighted the red parts of the barns that are facing east.

1e (3)Bird seed was buried deep under the snow.

1f (1)Though there were lots of birds looking for seed, this male cardinal stood out in stark contrast to the white background.

1f (2)I liked how he was clinging to the branches.

1f (3)

2I couldn’t believe my eyes ~ a robin in the snow. I think it looks a bit upset or confused.

4 (10)I was just finishing my second cup of coffee when the door bell rang. It was our friend Angie delivering ham and cheese sandwiches ~ a birthday gift from our daughter, Diane, and her family in Maine.

Angie and Darvin sold these sandwiches to raise finances for the adoption of a child from Ethiopia.

Thank you Diane (and family) for this delicious gift.

4 (14)Cerwin came home with these beautiful red roses for Valentine’s Day.

4 (15)For supper I took him in to a local restaurant (Lintia’s) that opened a few months ago.

4 (21)I didn’t think about bringing my camera, so used Cerwin’s cell phone to take a few pictures. This was my fabulous salad. I want to go back just to get this and the delicious poppy-seed dressing again.

4 (24)I wasn’t going to get dessert, but when she mentioned crème brulee, I couldn’t resist.

4a (1)

Cerwin chose a red velvet whoopie pie and chocolate-covered strawberry.

I am not sure why these two photos are so much smaller. Maybe I turned the phone sideways, changing the pixel size.


We were impressed with the ambiance of the restaurant and their effort to make the evening beautiful for couples who were celebrating Valentine’s Day. Each man was given a long-stem rose to give to his sweetheart.

This was the fifty-first Valentine’s Day that Cerwin and I celebrated together. Our first Valentine’s Day was in 1963 – a few days after announcing our engagement.


The hint of another birthday gift in this marathon came in the mail in a mystery envelope ~ of course there was no return address.

The note inside read, “Keep Monday open.”

What could that mean?

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