My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ My Actual Birthdate

Saturday, February 8

~[84]My first gift of the day was the delivery of this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Clair (my brother) and Kate.

~[86]They were beautiful – and stayed that way until my “real” birthday celebration the following weekend.

Thank you! Thank you!

~[83]Our grandson Josiah stopped in to give me a birthday hug, and Cerwin took a great picture of us, but I accidentally deleted it this morning when preparing these pictures.

Of course it was one of those rare times that I didn’t save a picture twice when taking it off of the camera card. I even tried rescuing it from the camera card. I think it is the only one that didn’t show up in the rescue file…and there were some from 2013. 🙁

DSC_5262Roy and Deb’s gift to me was dinner at Dienner’s Country Restaurant, Ronks.


DSC_5260I thought Roy looked different, but couldn’t figure out what it was, and didn’t say anything. I learned later that he shaved his beard and mustache. 🙂

They were surprised that neither Cerwin nor I noticed.


DSC_5259I chose the buffet, because it had some of my favorite foods: buttered noodles, Harvard beets, fried chicken, potato filling, shrimp, and mashed potatoes. Oh, yum!

DSC_5268Deb gave me a bag of goodies: two home-made meals, candy, a soup mixture, coffee, tea, juice, mints, and cookies.

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