My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ Supper With Josh

It began on February 7 and lasted until February 18.

Now that I am into the last day of this marathon, I feel a bit like it has been a biblical jubilee and as of today I am in need of a biblical fast. 🙂

I will begin that tomorrow. 🙂

1My birthday celebration began at Jere and Kristen’s house on the evening of February 7 – when I was a young 69 and Josh was only 18.

We are delighted (at least I am) to share birthdays.

1a (2)

1a (1)


1c (1)While we waited for Jere, Kristen, and Jana to put the final touches on supper, I showed Ian the finished/framed photo that I stitched of him.

1c (2)I stitch grandchildren’s photos at a preschool age.

1c (3)Jared gave us a piano concert before supper.

1c (4)Cerwin found an old digital camera the other day when cleaning out a drawer. We took it along to see if one of the boys needed one. Jesse is the only one without a camera, so we made his day.

1c (5)Showing Grandpa a picture. I think he felt like it was his birthday!

3 (1)Kristen roasted this amazing cut of meat (I forget what it is called).

3 (2)The delicious salad.

4 (1)Our birthday cake.

4 (2)Josh claims I blew them all out – and he just faked helping.

4 (3)

5 (1)Allie watched as Josh opened the presents from his parents – things to do with his car.

5 (2)

5 (3)

5 (4)

5 (5)A special cupcake from Allie.

5 (6)Also a shirt from her.

5aJana, Jesse, Ian, and Jared had to settle for being observers at this party.

DSC_5247Birthday flowers and a balloon from Jere and Kristen.


DSC_5360Little did I know what else was going to happen in the next eleven days.

Stay tuned.

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