Great American Outdoor Show ~ Continued

Tuesday, February 4

B (1)More pictures from our walk through the building where all the outfitters were advertising their hunts.

B (2)

B (3)

B (4)Taxidermy fascinates me.

B (5)Maybe it’s because I get to look at these beautiful animals up close.

B (6)

B (7)

B (8)

B (9)Cerwin considered going hunting here this fall, and had talked to the guys on the phone, so he was looking forward to meeting them.

B (10)He chose Hunt West Kentucky (see yesterday’s post), but will keep this one in his memory file. Dates didn’t work out for him this year.

B (11)Cerwin hunted bear at Trackdown Kennels in northern Maine – twice – several years ago.

B (12)He enjoyed talking to Joel (left) – the owner. Joel is French so it is pronounced Jo ‘el.

B (13)After meeting all the outfitters on his list, we bought smoked brisket sandwichs and went to the Small Arena to enjoy lunch.

B (14)While sitting there we learned that Chris Brackett was going to do a show of “Archery Trick Shooting”.

B (15)

B (16)

B (17)Answering questions.

B (18)Most of his targets were moving – after someone threw them into the air.

B (19)After shooting at his own items, he asked for things from the audience. He shot holes in a lot of hats.

B (20)

B (21)A ball.

B (22)A Lifesaver!

B (23)It took him a few tries, but he eventually hit it.

B (24)A can of soda.

B (25)This was his finale.

He stood at the far end of the area and had to hit a certain area of the black box for the two-liter bottle of soda to explode.

It happened on the first shot.

B (26)By the time we left for home, the snow had melted slightly.

I told Cerwin the trees now looked like tall cotton plants.

I guess we were driving through “high cotton.” 🙂

2 thoughts on “Great American Outdoor Show ~ Continued

  1. The “stuffed” animals look amazing! There must be another name for them, but if there is, I either don’t know it or can’t think of it now. I think when God made warthogs He must have been trying to make the ugliest animal possible. The archery is amazing too. I would have had a crabcake sandwich. There’s a sign for them in one of your pictures.

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