Great American Outdoor Show

Tuesday, February 4

A (1)We left home about 9 a.m. to head for the show at Harrisburg.

A (2)It was an especially beautiful drive – after about eight inches of snow the day before.

A (4)This area was breath-taking.

A (5)

A (6)

A (3)

A (7)

A (8)

A (9)

A (10)Cerwin was interested in finding the outfitters, but along the way we stopped to admire a wall of trophy racks.

A (12)

A (11)

A (13)This amazing taxidermist display – from Myerstown, PA – was just inside the outfitters hall.

A (14)

A (15)

A (16)

A (17)After enjoying this great display, we began looking for outfitters who Cerwin wanted to visit.

He had them listed on a piece of paper by their identification number. There were hundreds – most from the United States, but there were many from other countries – so it took several tries to find some of them.

A (18)Our first stop was Whitetail Trophy Hunt from Missouri, where he hunted in November.

A (19)Then we went to visit Mark Smith from Hunt West Kentucky where Cerwin, Jeff, Jordan, and Nate hunted in 2012.

A (20)His main purpose for stopping here was to sign up for a hunt this fall.

A (21)

Signing up for the hunt.

A (22)While he and Mark visited and discussed this year’s hunt I photographed the area around me.

A (23)

A (24)A wallaby holding a basking of tootsie rolls.

A (25)Zebras at a stand advertising an African hunt.

A (26)There are more pictures for tomorrow night.

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