Billy The Blue Jay

1 (1)I’m Billy, and I thought you might like to hear a bit about my life at Cerwin and Doris’ feeders.

1 (3)It can be difficult to find good food in wintertime – especially when everything is frozen or snow-covered.

1 (4)I love when Doris keeps this suet feeder full, and this last batch is especially delicious.

I understand they got it at a birdseed store in Maine.

1 (2)Oh, sorry. Mom told me not to talk when I am eating.

1 (5)Oh, bummer. I shouldn’t have left the suet feeder!

1 (6)Now Mrs. Woodpecker got my spot.

4aI guess I’ll settle for eating seeds on the ground.

2Yes, I’m upset!

3 (1)If you don’t put that stupid camera away, I’ll turn the other way.

3 (2)Just let me calm down a bit.

6Okay. I’m better now, and look, the suet feeder is empty again.

4 (2)This is disturbing! Now Mr. Woodpecker is here.

Maybe we can share.

4 (1)Hey, it’s working pretty good.

Why didn’t we think of this before.

4 (3)I think God is pleased when we are kind to each other.

14 thoughts on “Billy The Blue Jay

  1. Oh, Billy, what a lovely story! I’m glad you were able to share the suet feeder with the Woodpeckers — and especially happy that you allowed Doris to take such beautiful photos of your gorgeous feathers!

  2. Billy, you need to tell your cousins back here in Missouri about good manners at the feeder and how you share. They must have been absent when those lessons were being taught. And I must say that I’m surprised such a handsome fellow as your would mind your photograph being taken; I guess you’re as modest as you are mannered. 🙂 Best wishes as you get through the rest of this challenging winter!

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