A Walk In Our Woods

Sunday, January 26

1 (1)The pavilion did not look like it was inviting us for a picnic, but somehow a walk in the woods looked inviting to me.

1 (2)It was a cold, gray, breezy afternoon.

1 (3)The cold got into my bones – even though I was dressed warmly.

2 (1)One bird house down.

We’ll deal with that in spring.

2 (2)This is what rhododendron look like in winter.

2 (3)Another perennial in its wintry finery.

2 (4)Waiting for springtime.

2 (4a)This tree has one solitary leaf.

2 (5)

2aOur decorative grass is one of my favorite winter ornaments in the woods.


3aIt is amazing how much wind and brutal weather its tiny, lacy leaves endure.



5It appears that I forgot to bring the sand buckets inside.

I guess I won’t bother now.

6 (1)This looks like a good hiding area for skunks, raccoons, and other woodsy animals.

6 (2)

7 (1)A neighbor man took advantage of the afternoon for cross-country skiing.

7 (2)

8I like the contrast of these seed pods against the snow.


9 (1)Another reminder that winter is a time of decay and rest in the tree kingdom.

9 (2)When at a recent photography class we heard about a person who gave up photography because he couldn’t find anything new to photograph.

I’m not there yet. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Walk In Our Woods

  1. That person who couldn’t find anything new to photograph must be a very unhappy person. Not because nothing was left to photograph, but because he couldn’t appreciate it. Those pink buckets aren’t sand buckets anymore……they’re snow buckets. I like the ornamental grasses too. They’re so graceful.

    • Someone recently asked me if I don’t think I miss a lot of things on trips because I take so many pictures. I said no, it’s the opposite. I think I see more than most people because I don’t want to miss a photo opportunity. 🙂

  2. The ornamental grasses caught my eye, too. It looks as though they point in the direction the wind blows them — a good protective measure! I sometimes get a little bored with photographing the same things all the time — then I see them again, and they look new in different light, different season, different time of day, etc. How sad that anybody would give up photography for that reason!

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