My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ The Ladies Who Shared The Tea

The Tea (1)This is who I saw when I arrived at A Tea Affair on Monday, February 17 – our daughters, daughters-in-law, granddaughters and Mary Ellen a friend from Maine.

Well, it was not exactly like that, as the above one was a posed one after we all settled in.

The Tea (2)It looked more like this – with tall flowers on the table.

The Tea (3)

The Tea (3a)

The Tea (4)Because we had trouble seeing each other, we moved the flowers to the window seats behind us.

The Tea (4a)I understand that this tea was organized by our daughters-in-law, Chris…

The Tea (7)…and Kristen.

Kristen is the one who made the clues I received during the days previous to the tea.

The Tea (8)Assisted slightly by our daughters Diane and Deb.

Thank you!

It was a wonderful, delightful time.

The Tea (9)Mary Ellen offered to take a picture that included me and each of “my” girls.

The Tea (10)I included a few fun photos that Deb and I took during the tea.

The Tea (11)

The Tea (12)

The Tea (13a)Deb took most of these close ups.

The Tea (14)

The Tea (14a) (1)

The Tea (14a) (2)

The Tea (25)

The Tea (16)


The next grouping of pictures is of our eight granddaughters – in birth order.


The Tea (17)Elizabeth

The Tea (18)Hannah

The Tea (19)Abigail

The Tea (21)Jenna

The Tea (22)Lydia (with her friend Mary Ellen)

The Tea (23)Diana

The Tea (24)Jana

The Tea (26)Gloria


Though our tea came with dessert, the house added a special birthday treat for everyone because of Abby’s and my birthdays.

The day was actually Abby’s birthday. You may remember (or not) that mine was actually a week earlier. 🙂


The Tea (30)I love delicious, petite desserts.

The Tea (28)

The Tea (29)

The Tea (27)So ends my 70th Birthday Marathon. (You must be giving a sigh of relief.)

Now it is time to get back to a more normal life. Well, it wasn’t quite normal for the next day and a half because our Maine family was here until Wednesday morning.

My 70th Birthday Marathon – Tea Delicacies

Monday, February 17

4 (18)After each of us chose a flavor of tea, we were served delicious blueberry scones and lemon curd.

4 (21)Then we each chose either squash or broccoli and cheese soup to go with our delightful sandwich and dessert delicacies.

4 (22)I could eat like this every day.

4 (23)Tiny ham spread, BLT, and cucumber sandwiches

4 (33)

4 (32)Crème brulee and small pastries.

4 (34)Oh, my!


In the next post I will show you who shared this special birthday tea with me.

My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ A Tea Party

My last clue on Sunday night said:

Final Clue: A Tea Affair – 12 noon on Monday, February 17, 2014.

Come and see who else may be there with you…

1We arrived just before noon.

1AThe room is beautifully decorated.


1dThe flowers made us feel like springtime – which was wonderful on this cold wintry day.



1f (4)After our server welcomed us – thirteen of my favorite ladies – she asked us to each choose our tea.

1f (5)We could choose from this featured list – or anything in their store.

1fWe each had our own tea pot.



1h (1)

1h (2)We has so much fun visiting and laughing and enjoying the delightful atmosphere.




2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)

2g (5)

2g (6)






4 (13)

4 (38)

5You guessed it!

There will be more tomorrow night. 🙂

My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ Birthday Cards & Clues Of Something To Come

I never had – and will probably never have another birthday like this one!

1By Sunday evening, February 16, I had sixty cards and e-cards, plus about twice that many wishes on my blog and Facebook.

Thank You! I feel honored and blessed by your love.

After everyone left the drop-in party I began finding envelopes in interesting places around the house with clues (words I had to unscramble) concerning what would be happening on Monday.

I didn’t find them in order, but they were in cupboards and drawers, and on countertops.

I previously posted the first note – the one that came in the mail – “Keep Monday Open” – and the first scrambled word clue which was in our church mailbox earlier in the day: ladies.

#2 – AEDCILTE delicate

#3 – EGNRFIS – fingers

#4 – HSULAG – laughs

#5 – AMRAO – aroma

#6 – OEVL – love

Whoever was giving me the clues left me alone for awhile to think over the variety of possibilities these clues could mean – until bedtime when “the clue person” sent a text to Diane telling her that the final clue was on my pillow. This clue told me where to be and what time to be there.


Tuesday Morning, February 17

Diane and I did some laundry and worked at organizing the garage and house before she, Elizabeth, Hannah, Lydia, and Mary Ellen, and I left for our date with the “mysterious ladies” – picking up Abby along the way.

1aWe left early enough for a fifteen minute visit to Wilbur Chocolate because a friend in Maine wanted some Pennsylvania chocolate.

DSC_5781Lititz had their Fire and Ice Festival a few days earlier, so it was fun to see a few ice sculptures around town.

DSC_5782We live only a few miles away, but I don’t remember ever being in their candy store and museum.



DSC_5786It appears that the ladies were making chocolate-covered pretzels.


DSC_5791While watching them make handmade candy, we could hear the machinery where candy was being made in bulk in another area of the building.




DSC_5801Then we were on our way.


DSC_5890There was another sculpture at Tomato Pie Restaurant – not our final destination.

More tomorrow night.

My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ Visiting & Gifts

1 (1)After letting Nate and Abby know that the afternoon was a family baby shower, decorations had to be changed.

1 (2)The birthday banner (designed by Kristen) was moved to another part of our garage.

1 (3)Cerwin’s mother demonstrates her great sense of humor.

1 (4)And before long the decorations had changed.

1a (1)

1a (3)

1a (2)

1a (4)In the kitchen Lydia was putting the finishing touches on the crème brulee cup cakes.

1a (5)

1bGuests began arriving about 2:00 p.m. This is Abby’s other grandparents – our son-in-law, Mark’s parents.

We were pleased that they were able to come as they live an hour and a half away, and he had a recent hospital experience.

1a (6)Abby’s mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, and mother-in-law set up the food table.

1a (6b)

1a (6a)Nate and Abby used cowboy boots in their birth announcement, so there were cowboy boot candies.  Pink and blue were used as they do not plan to learn the sex of their baby until it is born.

1a (3a)

1cBefore long our garage filled with members of Cerwin’s and my family, and I soon learned that it was a bit more than a baby shower.

1dThe invitation said, that this is a baby shower for Nate and Abby, a time to visit Diane and her family – and since it was my 70th birthday, please give Mom a birthday hug. 🙂

1ddWatching Nate and Abby open gifts.

1e (1)A few people did more than give me a hug! This unique birdhouse was from my sister and her husband.

1e (2)

1fCerwin’s mother wanted a closer look. Elizabeth helped me describe it to her because of her poor eyesight.

1g (1)Melita (Nathaniel’s sister),Chris and Jenna.

Diane did an amazing job of making three scrapbooks from our family cruise in 2012 and brought them along to Pennsylvania.

1g (2)Amy and Abby (pregnant relatives). Amy is my sister’s daughter. Abby is due in early May and Amy in early June.

1g (3)

1ggOpening cards and gifts.


A few fun photos from the afternoon – from Deb’s camera

1hCousins – Jana and Diana, and Elizabeth in the background.

a (28)Bryson and Deb. (Are they cousins once removed since he is the son of her cousin.?)

1hhI love this picture that Deb took of our mothers.

a (24)Cerwin’s mother and her great-grandson Bryson.

a (25)Oh, the treasure of family generations.


After everyone left I surveyed my gifts, and thought you may like to see them too.

a (30)There were gift cards and certificates, the bird house, food, perfume, and a few other things. And I bet you think that black thing is a camera lens.

a (32)It’s a coffee cup – from Roy and Deb.

a (34)I also wanted to show you this homemade scrubby – made by Jill (a friend from Maine). It is cloth on one side…

a (33)…and scrubby on the other side.

a (31)Another close up of the bird house. Where do people get these creative ideas?


Oh, what a fun afternoon.

My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ From Birthday Party To Baby Shower

Sunday, February 16

When lunch was over, I mentioned that I would like a few photos (because I knew there was going to be a baby shower for Nate and Abby and there would probably not be another opportunity.)

1bSomeone suggested that we start by kissing! 🙂

1Our children (Diane, Jere, Deb, and Jeff) have not been together since 2012.


2 (1)Arranging these seventeen was a bit more of a challenge.

2 (4)The result of the big boys clowning. 🙂

2 (16)The last time I got a picture of all sixteen was on our cruise in 2012.

5 (2)

2 (12)It didn’t take them long to get silly.

2 (14)

2 (21)The end of this photography session was going to be the transition from the birthday lunch to the baby shower.

5 (6)Diane, her mom, was privileged to make the announcement with balloons and gifts.

5 (9)The diaper bouquet.

5 (10)


5 (1)Lydia and Mary Ellen presented the “baby buggy”.

5 (18)Diane explained that the one end is for Abby.

DSC_5684…and the John Deere end of it is for Nathaniel. 🙂

More pictures tomorrow night.